Songs of life

so you stand there alone
Wondering how life got so old
So bland and boring
That even the sun shining has no meaning

People are often more happy than sad
But what is that happiness masking you might add
Everyone has a mask
They wake up and put on face
A face that hides their pain
Cause they dont want the world to see them cry again

I don't know why people are they way they are
Life is already a struuggle no need to make it harder
But there are those that bully and tease
Saying "grow up kid , you stupid , you useless"
Amonst others things
If a kid gets bleeds when words cut through him
Why does this have no meaning

Some people are like paper
You can crumble them up but they survive
But other they just shrivle and die

I hope that people learn to live for themselves
cause when your alone theres only your heart that sings its song
That song is your tune , your melodu of life
I hope you song is of happiness in life
and if it is not then remember you are not alone
Somewhere there is soemone sinnging along

When You Know...


The things I have seen I wish I hadnt
I have been brought in to question the why
is it the devils trick or is it Gods will
I know which I prefer.

Who Am I to judge?
Who am I to know?
Who am I to feel this burden
Who am I to understand?

Why me indeed why Must I bring the news to the world?
couldnt it be someone else where in the universe?
Am I alone? Though I know there are others?
A universe of hope and duality the key?

There are no words of description.
who are we?
who are you?
who am I?
Who is why?
what is who?
the one,
the you,
the me,
the I,
in the
meaning of life.

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