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Tender Moments.




Those tender moments

Without which body will be

Not a body but just a mask

Of conventional convenience.


But now in this central sufferings

From the stony silence within you

I am imprisoned in splendour

Of silence without dimensions few.


An imagined structure rending

Without doors without keys expanding

Sidereal slumbers of dizziness into

Structures wrought by the hands

Of invisible deities of the land.


Those tender moments now

Breathing in the night’s fresh air

Rocked by the body’s gentle touch

Whisperings of an intenser care.

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Lady Of My Dreams.


Lady of my dreams

Moon colored

Raven haired


Like a distant shore.


Dwelling here

Closer to the heart

A reason a dream

Undefined yet real.


Moon colored pebbles

Shining among plains

A cluster

Deeply driven

Etched like a wound

A rose or a moan

Or a crimson scar

A  luminosity

Or a distant spark.


Lady of my heart

Moon colored

Raven haired


Like a distant star.

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Money Or Love?

Money is nothing, love is something,
Love is shared,
Sharing is caring,
Caring is loveing,
Loving should be made like money,

Money is like stupid,
Loving is smart,
Love is great, it can be shared,
Love meaning share things,
Not take money for it,
Take love and hugs,
Then share it, money is a imatation of love,
Cause some people weren't satisfied with a little love,
Cause they didn't do much for others,
So they made money,
Because its easier to get money,
Am i right!?
All you have to do is give a little love,
Just give a little bit.


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Fell in Love Again

I didn’t know why,

Her beauty, expression and all,

Dragged me with a silent call,

I let her know that I fell in love with her, I didn’t lie.


Why did fate introduce her to me?

The moment I met,

I discovered myself in a dreamy planet,

Where nothing except her could I see.


I didn’t and still don’t agree that love visits our lives once alone,

Being hesitant I imagined whether to fly with her to the world unknown! 

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For You

For you, the moon looks beautiful,

For you, the sky is limitless,

For you, the ocean seems bottomless,

For you, every second is wonderful.


For you, the mountains kiss the cloud,

For you, the rainbow smiles,

For you, the birds fly miles after miles,

For you, I am so proud.   


For you, I am called a lovelorn,

For you, let me wait every morn.   



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What is love


It was just yesterday

When I asked

What do you think love is?

Love, she said, 

Love is to feel the most beautiful feeling

That comes from inside of us.

How about being in love?

I asked the same ten-year-old.

What do you think that is?

She stumbled a minute.

Then repeated, Being in love?

She hesitated again.

We thought about it awhile.

When she didn't answer,

I said, if love is our ability to feel

The most beautiful feeling,

That comes from deep inside of us

Then I suppose, being in love must mean, 

Our desire to share

Those feelings with others

We thought about it a minute 

Then decided to accept that answer

That night in bed after tossing and turning a while

I decided to fall in love 

Cheers with Love

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Trading Places

Tonight  we're trading places,
No this isn't a remake of an Usher song,
But the revision of us.
Tonight we're gonna to do things differently.
Instead of me spilling out my feelings,
You tell me,
Your deepest fears,
Your joyous moments.
How do I make you feel?
How do you feel about us?
I wanna know the things you're too shy to speak out loud,
So you hold them inside because that's what a man is "supposed" to do. 
But tonight, baby,
You be me,
And I you. 
Let me sit back and listen, 
Give you my undivided attention.
No judgment,
All love.
Open yourself up to me,
I promise,
Only you will hold the key to this diary. 
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