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 i wrote in the sky

where i would be
in hopes that you
would come & find me.
there i was wondering
and fidgeting
hoping to turn around
and see you staring back at me.
the walk to the car
seemed to be the longest one
of my life.
heavy heart
miles apart
with nowhere to start; 
because that is what i willed
into existence.
where are you tonight
my love?
are you sad?
sleeping peacefully?
are you by yourself
or is someone holding you tonight.
the thought of that hurts
my heart.
I have a hard time
separating what I fear is your existence
and the knowledge that the reality
is more like the one
i live.
sad nights, long nights.
can't sleep
I think of you
and us.
Afraid of letting go of the past
but scared of the future
so I just tread water.
until the water fills my lungs
i take my last breathe
...and drowned.

Give me another chance

Everything was going so right

Until that one night

Who knows,

one question, one answer

can change so much


I wish I dealt with it better

To make you feel like I love you like no other


But I messed it up

I messed it up so bad


A fool like me does not deserve a wonderful person like you


I wish I can let you know once again

How much you mean to me

How much I want you to stay with me


I will miss the wonderful time we had

I wish everything will stay the same


But I know

How you think of me

would now change


No longer the sweetest

More like the fool-est


But I would just like to let you know

you are still the best-est


And if I can turn the clock back in time

I would love you to say you are mine

I would reply, with a kiss, and say 'be mine'


Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a wonderful man.....I know he said it's ok, and everything is just fine. But I just want to let him know how sorry I am xxxxxxxxx


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You said: you were interested at what you saw!

I smiled

You said: you wanted to get to know me!

So did I

You said: You liked my personality!

And I liked yours

You said: You liked me!

I liked you

You said: you wanted to still keep me interested!

I still was

You said: you wanted to give me what I wanted!

You already have

You said: you were so glad I was here and hugged me!

I was glad to be there with you

You said: at the beginning that I could trust you!

And I did

You said: our relationship will be magical!

And I believed

In the end you got what you wanted, and I eneded up with the thought of:

What could I have done to make it better?

When all I wanted: Was You!


The Boy

I was bored one day

So I went on Facebook

I saw a link and clicked it

It was a group a boys doing silly things

I couldn’t stop laughing

One of the boys caught my attention

He was very cute and handsome

He had big brown eyes and brown hair

From that point I was obsessed

I watched all of their videos

And looked him up

I saw that he just broke up with his girlfriend

At first I was sad

But then I was happy

I wanted him to notice me

But I know that won’t ever happen

I wish he did

I wish I were older

So I actually have a chance with him

I think I’m in love.