I’ve had many friends in my life who were older…who turned grey

We haven’t always seen eye to eye…but we love each other anyway.


I’ve had many friends in my life…who have different ways tor pray

Their God has not always been my God…but we love each other anyway.


I’ve had many friends in my life…who are lesbian…or gay

Who don’t love the way that I love…but we love each other anyway.


I’ve had many friends….I don’t always understand every word they say

and others who’s skin color is not my skin color…but we love each other anyway.


I’ve reached the point in my life where I’m the old one who’s turned grey

and I wonder how, 

over the years

despite our differences, 

we’ve all loved each other anyway…


Could it be that love looks beyonds our differences

beyond what asymmetry tears some of us apart

and instead has found a way to look straight into our hearts…


Perhaps love knows when we look beyond our different faiths, 

our different colors,

our different preferences…

our different names

When we see inside another person


all hearts look the same.

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When our heart is filled with sorrow and all we see is night

We begin to wonder…to question…if we’ll ever see the light.


If this dark cloud of sadness that surrounds us…will ever fade away.

If there will ever be a time we once again we’ll gaze upon the day.


Then somewhere in our darkness we behold a wondrous sight

as the light of one friend..one star…begins to shimmer in the night.


Before we know it another friend…another star has gleamed

and we realize, though it’s still dark, it’s not as dark as it first seemed.


Soon we notice our night is filled with stars

and we appreciate what the light of friendship can do

because without us ever noticing…

our star is shining too.


And though we understand there will forever be a darkness

accompanying what we say 

and what we do…

we also know there is enough light remaining


that will help to see us through…

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It is a universal truth that time moves onward…hour by hour…day by day 

flowing in but one direction…stopping for no one along the way.


The time that’s measured by our clocks marches forward…absolutely

The time that ages our bodies…advances resolutely.


But there is a countenance of time that plays by a different set if rules

defying the lessons, the information, the things we were taught in school.


It’s when old friends get together…for no matter how much time’s amassed

in that moment they are young again…as if no time has passed. 


There is a wrinkle in the time continuum…a wrinkle all friends know

allowing them to immediately pick up from where they left off years ago. 


It matters not how much they’ve aged…if they are old and grey…

for the moment they get together…the years between them fall away.


And though it goes against the laws of nature…and occurs without reason or rhyme…

they begin to feel younger…as they travel back in time.


They feel blessed time has has allowed

to relive old joys and smiles

Blessed as time journeys ever onward


she has paused for them a while.

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To her myriad of friends

she was the moonlight

and she was the sun…

Her magic was how she made each friend 



as if they were her only one.

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It passes between them silently

the moment their two hearts blend

Still, they feel the joy 

the surprise

and the wonder

when two people 



two friends

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I pass this lovely bougainvillea every day and am happily aware

how a bush this bright and beautiful can exist with oh so little care.


It is a fact of nature…one we can’t dispute

how the bougainvillea doesn’t need much tending…once it’s taken root.


The other day an old friend stopped in the bookstore, 

one I hadn’t seen in years

and I was reminded how old friendships 

in spite of time and distance still endear.


Seeing him was a wonderful surprise…it gave my heart a thrill.

We talked as if it was yesterday…as if somehow time stood still.


Friendship has a unique way…when it comes to time…

to circumvent…

for when old friends meet…any time that’s passed…becomes irrelevant.


It was just a short visit and after he left I joyfully conceded

how to keep our friendship going…this was all the time we needed.


I paused by the bougainvillea on my way home…

happily aware

how a friendship bright and beautiful can exist with oh so little care.


For it is another fact of nature…one we certainly can’t dispute


how a friendship doesn’t need much tending…once it’s taken root

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We attended a retirement party or a friend who won’t be teaching anymore.

He’s been teaching at the same school…since 1984.


We sat in the back and watched the people sharing laughter…sharing tears

with the man who has been changing lives for the last 35 years.


I watched him hug one person after another…I watched as other hands he clutched

and I thought here is a room full of people whose lives this man has touched..


I have no proof to back this up…but in my heart I believe it’s true

whenever a person touches your heart…a piece of that person stays with you.


When compassion, generosity and kindness between two people are exchanged

though they may not realize it at the time…both of them are changed.


And as I looked around the room…and listened to what was said…

I realized in its simplest form…this is how love is spread..


One drop in the ocean might not seem like much…but in reality

that one drop, that simple drop…can find it’s way across the sea…


I’m not sure how far his drops have traveled…how far his drops have roamed

but as I watched him at his retirement party…they found their way back home.


They returned to him in a smile, 

in a hug, 

in a poem

in the many ways he was caressed….

And as I watched countless people celebrate this one man 

I thought…


We all should be so blessed.

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When a man goes on a date with four women

one being his wife-who sits by his side

he realizes almost immediately…

he’s in for a wonderful ride.


When a man goes on a date with four women

he is thrilled, he is quiet…he’s reserved

and he realizes almost immediately

how much wonder there is to observe.


And how much time he has to observe it

(I imagine this is true in the north, in the east, west and south)

because when a man goes on a date with four women

he never gets a chance to open his mouth!


So he smiles to himself because he knows

when this day is done…and in his memory long after

he’ll remember their stories, the look on their faces

he’ll remember their smiles and laughter.


He’ll remember how the moments seemed to flow easily

one into the next…

how they blend.

He’ll remember what it’s like to be sitting

in the midst of a circle of friends…


He imagines it’s like sitting in a garden

and he loses track of the minutes and hours

refreshed by the breeze that is born of good friends

surrounded by the beauty of flowers.


Yes, when a man goes on a date with four women

and one of them happens to be his wife

along the way he realizes not only is this a wonderful ride


but it’s part of a wonderful life.

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After listening to his final lesson 

the wise one was approached by a young woman and young man…

“We have a question.” they asked softly. 

He nodded, 

“I will answer it if I can.”


“We’ve listened to all your teachings.” They said

“We’ve taken them to heart.

You’ve taught us about beauty 

about friendship, love and art.” 


“You’ve taught us about acceptance and compassion

about how to have an open mind.

You’ve taught us about peace, 

about wisdom.

You’ve taught us to be kind.”


“We’ve listened and we’ve learned.” they said

“We’ve held on to your every breath.

Yet of all the subjects you have taught…

Yet you never speak of death?”


Their teacher looked at them and smiled, 

touched their shoulders 

then began to speak…

“Death eventually finds us.” he said…

“All the others…


we must seek.”