The willow grinned as the couple met…they were young…a bit afraid.

She smiled as she watch them fall in love beneath her shade.


The willow beamed when she saw them coming…she’d shake off her morning dew

honored they chose her shelter for their daily rendezvous.  


The willow frowned with sadness… something she’d never felt before…

as the boy placed a kiss upon the girl’s cheek…he was heading off to war.


“Wait for me”…he said to her…his touch giving her a thrill.

and the willow whispered with the girl…”I will…you know I will”.


And so they waited everyday…and everyday their hearts would yearn…

but war is cruel and callous…and the boy never returned.


The girl died of a broken heart…and now eternally sleeps…

The willow is still standing…but everyday…


she weeps.

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This about made me cry this

This about made me cry this morning. I Loved the story it told, and it was sweet, and sad all in the same step.

And when i was a little girl my uncle was in the army and was gone alot and i would worry and cry till he returned home to me.

Not everyone is as lucky to have their loved ones come home, great job.

Well I cant get into my old profile which was Elfy, so I made a new one.  Im now 23 years old, 2 little boys later, and another broken heart.


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OMGSH!  This hit close to my

OMGSH!  This hit close to my heart.  My hero son has fought so many times.  I lost count at 15 deployments.  I think about and pray for his wife and children every day.  The wife and kids are also my heroes.  That's that.  Your poem has that romance of love and war.  I can't imagine how many times this has been lived out over the years on all participants of war.  War is difficult, but the alternative is sometimes worse.  I pray for peace.  God bless our troops!  Thank you for the write.  Nicely done.