A Real Man

by Jeph Johnson


Don't worry, you're a real man.


Those who use traditional gender role affirming terms like "real man" to condescend should think twice, for the term implies being a "man" is something one earns.


I cringe when I hear it.


Just as I cringe when I hear references that a man's bad behavior must be due to his penis size.


It reminds me of these lines from the movie Porky's:


Mr. Cavanaugh:
Look's like I'm gonna make a man out of you yet, boy.


Tim Cavanaugh:
A man? If being a man means being what you are, I'd rather be queer.


I think being a decent human being is more important than aspiring to be a real man (or woman, for that matter).


Anyone can be a gender. There is no intrinsic value to that.


But being decent, or, better yet, awesome, takes work.


Seeing someone for the amazing person they happen to be, regardless of body type, gender identity or sexual preference, is one such trait of a decent person.


Being able to love someone, regardless of any of those intangibles, is the trait of an awesome person.


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"Dungeon Party"

Rex Songs' Remixes

by DaddyO (with apologies to Ricky Nelson)



I went to a dungeon party
To scene with my kinky friends
A chance to share new play toys
Or swat an ass again

When I got to the dungeon party,

They all knew my name
My reputation preceded me,
Their glances they tried to feign

But it's all right now,

I learned my lesson well.
You see, ya can't please everyone,
So ya got to please yourself

People came from miles around,

A Kinkfest made for stares
Marcus brought his pink fork and rope,
Twirling bunnies in the air

And over in the corner,

Much to my surprise
Mr. Cross hid in oversized shoes
Wearing his clown disguise

Lot-in-dah-dah-dah, lot-in-dah-dah-dah


Asked the subs to bottom,

Thought that's why they came
But no friends took my offer,
My mood didn't feel the same

So I asked this wide-eyed babygirl,

"You wanna play with me?"
Her teenage lips smiled just as wide
So we began to scene

Lot-dah-dah-dah (lot-dah-dah-dah)


Someone opened up my closet door

And out danced a skeleton chorus
Though no one's there to eyewitness the axe
Trees tumble so loud in this forest

If you're gonna play at dungeon parties,

I wish you a lotta luck
For rumors and false accusations
Just don't give a fuck

Lot-dah-dah-dah (lot-dah-dah-dah)


And it's all right now,

Learned my lesson well
You see, ya can't please everyone,
So you got to please yourself

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for Raina, 2013

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truth conquers all






days and nights meld into one,

the sun an moon spar for my attention,

9,10,11,12, they begin to merge and look the same,

life becomes deranged, monotonous,strange,

yet all needs miraculously see their place,

no race for me, a gentle hand guides my pace,

still time to smell the cool breezes that visit,

still joy that fills my heart with each smile so freely given,

a baby's breath upon my shoulder,

watching as all of life becomes one day older,

younger in newly inspired tones,

melodious sounds, like music roams

every cranny of space in my soul, 

rhythmic tides that flow in and out, 

like the bubbling caps of ocean foam,

encumbrances placed in my path 

become small, and me,

I become tall, 

and just have to smile inside at the fact

i have the strength to face it all.



3:26 PM 7/10/2013 ©

"Vincit omnia veritas"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired thinking about how when we live our truth, obstacles in our path may not dissapper, but they sure do get a whole lot smaller somehow.