All Countries Are Brutal To Animals




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Author’s note: some of these links are out of date and will be replaced


Greenland quietly ‘allowed’ to join whalemurdering Japan, Norway, Denmark, US (Makah), Iceland
World Environment News - Greenland Allowed To Hunt Humpback Whales Again - Planet Ark

International Halls of Shame

United Nations: encouraging pig, cow and other slaughter through the FAO and World Trade Organization….aggressive promotion of lethal vaccines
European Union: subsidizes slaughterhouse and factory farm
products and allows cosmetic industry to delay ending animal torture
Albania one of 3 European countries which does not consider
torture of animals a crime

Algeria: Drift net fishing kills many species not wanted by the fishermen

Critically endangered animals of Angola
cattle concentration camps and slaughterhouses

conflict over proposed confinement of dolphins–Animal-Rights-Debate-Building-In-Yerevan


6 million kangaroos murdered annually
sheep cruelty slicing sheep, drawing blood
time to end live shipment annually of millions of cows, sheep, pigs
Is mammal murder Australia’s largest industry… generating history breaking drought with the slaughter
of untold billions of cows and sheep
Australia: In New South Wales, the park service had thousands of brumbies (wild horses)
murdered by aerial hunters.
untold numbers of rabbits being exterminated

Government harrassing of animal rights activists

Animals in zoo.. small barren cages of concrete and bars

cooperates with Heifer International’s promotion of slavery and slaughter for baby animals
Otters exploited to help suffocate fishes

trophy hunting http://krasnoselskoe…hy-animals.html

Allegations of police brutality in arrest of animal habitat activist

Strychnine still used in ‘shelters’ to kill ‘excess’ animals

one of 3 European countries which does not consider animal
torture a crime

cattle ranches torture cows and destroy rainforest
Cargill allowed to spread drought through mass animal habitat destruction
3rd in murdered pigs

live shipment of sheep

Bulgaria: One of 3 European countries which does not consider torture of animals a crime

Burma (Myanmar)
Illegal trade in tigers”]

pet export scam

One of the higher rates of animal habitat destroying deforestation

It is time for the Commonwealth nations to lead the world in
pressuring their member nation Canada to stop ruthless
aggressive promotion of mammal slaughterhouse products
encouraging wealthy trophy hunters to kill grizzly bears etc.
fur trade.. cruel trapping methods
Does Canada or Australia cause the world’s highest per capita
mammal murder rate?

Brutual ‘first fruits’ killing of bull

cattle ranches
Animal brutality married to misogyny.. Chilean gaucho ropes animal rights protester
and drags her out of rodeo

Pigs: 1st in murdered pigs: 446 billion in 2008… more than next 43 countries combined
Seals: The Chinese govt. recently chose to buy the meat of clubbed seals from the Harper govt. which kills harp seals
Primates: Breeding Primates for Lab Torture
Civet Cat Farms .. bred for perfume fixatives
Bear Farms
Zoo abuse
Factory farming of tigers in small cages
Tens of Millions of Birds slaughtered cruelly in avian flu scare
Dogs and cats.. served in restaurants… sometimes stolen from famlies
When China chose to double its egg production the grain of 18 countries was required
Rabbit murder videos on internet

Colombian govt. lets Goldman Sachs’ Henry Paulson
turn Nature Conservancy wilderness shrines into cattle ranches
1 of infinite bullfight atrocities: bullfight stands collapse

UK’s Guardian newspaper promotes guinea pig torture in Congo

Costa Rica:
one of worst deforestation rates in bulldozing for cattle ranches



Whale murdering each August in Faroe Islands reddens seas
major killer of pigs
kills the most mink

Dominican Republic
horse mistreatment and other issues…_rights_1.shtml


In response to the WHO criminal conspiracy to push vaccines, Egypt ordered a mass
extermination of pigs
Egyptian slaughterhouse violates Sharia

dog roundups

brutality of Finnish fur farms
Finland kills the most foxes

horse slaughterhouses
force feeding of geese

French Guiana: Animals endangered

13 species have gone extinct in Gambia
vote suspended by Int’l Whaling Comm. because of Japanese whale killers’ bribes

Tbilisi animal cadaver market

allowing Bayer outside Germany to continue killing the world’s bees
force feeding of geese
Germany is 5th in murdered pigs

vote suspended by Int’l Whaling Comm. because of Japanese whale killers’ bribes

Greek activists say they released 50,000 mink
mistreatment of lambs and sheep
abuse of donkeys

Greenland: quietly ‘allowed’ to join whalemurdering Japan, Norway, US (Makah),
bullfights nests robbed
not much legislation re prevention of cruelty to animals

animal sacrifice

Iceland: killing whales

Save port sea turtles
overloaded, exploited animals (oxen, donkeys, elephants etc.)

Dogs given strychnine, writhe in agony…. while CBS, Yahoo etc. put out disinformation
that dogs are rabid
Wildlife trafficking
animal deaths through habitat destruction, deforestation

cruelty to dogs
cruelty to sturgeon in caviar production

58,000 dogs destroyed…
propaganda re rabies and dog bites

Mink farmed for furs
Ireland’s abandoned horses face possible slaughter

IDF bulldozes animals alive in Gaza Zoo archives and killing of pets in bulldozing Palestinian orchards
Israeli chicken farm cruelty
Israeli vivisection continues
bombing of ships in Beirut harbor.. ships containing people and livestock animals
bombing of people and animals in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine,
Jordan… routine killing of pets in IDF assassinations of humans

cruel separation of calves from mothers in calf flesh trade

Ivory Coast
continues the elephant slaughter ivory trade which gave it its name

Whale murder: plutocrats slaughter whales for appetite labeled as research (animal research
is always a barbarism as well) http://www.greenpeace.org
dolphin knifing trailer on the documentary The Cove
baby octopi are eaten alive
Illegal ivory and turtle shell trade

extinction of species from pollution, high levels of radiation

Elephant poaching
receiving life shipment terrorized animals

dog eating… dogs often skinned alive in belief that adrenalin tenderizes dog flesh
S Korean govt. considers ending bear farming
baby octopi are eaten alive

slaughterhouses in which animals choke on their own blood for a minute
… not waterboarding but bloodboarding
sometimes 80,000 sheep from Australia will be crammed into 1 boat
to be delivered to Kuwaiti slaughterhouses
illegal dogfighting
illegal hunting

cruel games…/detail/1478188

receiving illegal ivory from Africa, selling Laotian elephants, allowing consumption of elephant penises

consumption of monkey meat.. besides its cruelty one cause of AIDS
Sea Shepherd activists free hundreds of blue fin tuna caught by
Libyan and Italian fishermen

Illegal massacre of stray dogs

mass animal slaughter in deforestation of millions of acres of
forest habitat for animals

The Maltese falcon is not the only bird being killed. Maltese govt. allows 15,000 local hunters
to endanger many species of birds.

Marshall Islands
vote suspended by Int’l Whaling Comm. because of Japanese whale killers’ bribes

horse slaughter
donkeys abused
pigs: concentration camps of Smithfield and others
factory farms


Goats bred for cashmere are expendable and butchered when they
are old or economic conditions change

Habitat destruction endangers species

encourages wealthy trophy seeking hunters to slaughter endangered species

huge animal sacrifice festival
Breeding primates for lab torture

New Zealand:
end live shipment of cows, sheep, pigs
brutal slicing of sheep still not gone in NZ
Seals clubbed to death in New Zealand

Cockfighting is banned in most of the world but not Nicaragua

Ramfighting in Lagos
Chicken transit
illegal ivory trade

one of 5 natons killing whales


purchase of mammals for slaughter, animals shipped in heat without sufficient liquid

mistreatment of cows

vote suspended by Int’l Whaling Comm. because of Japanese whale killers’ bribes


factory farms http://www.feedingfa…index.php?id=29
feedlots and a cattle slaughter culture which harms animals people and the rainforest
Dogs die to teach soldiers how to kill

horrible video of pig murder in Philippines
… no animal objects more to slaughter than a pig
Another pig slaughter video is on Youtube
dog meat trade

One of Europe’s biggest pig killers allowing Smithfield to
invade with factory farm connected slaughterhouses

cattle importers and live shipment vs animal rights

Smithfield pig factory farms

fur trade in sable and other animals
habitat destruction
Saudi Arabia:
Millions of animals sacrificed in the Haj in Mecca annually
thousands of baby bird gannets killed each August on island off Scottish coast
Lacerated seals wash up on the coasts of Scotland
complicit in elephant slaughter and illegal ivory trade

Serbia: using testicle-cooking competition to attract tourists
animal cruelty

Solomon Islands
failed to show up at IWC meeting to vote against Japanese whale killers

South Africa:
. Encouraging trophy seeking wealthy hunters to shoot endangered
. seal clubbing
. doing little to stop aerial hunting of elephants such as in the following website

world wants a ban on bullfighting
6th in murdered pigs
crucified bull runs into crowd
abandonment of dogs by hunters

The war in the Sudan is killing many animals as well as people.
exporting primates to US and elsewhere for lab torture

fur farms–ToDo/Activism/ActionVsSwedishFur.htm
reindeer slaughter

Hans Ruesch wrote Slaughter of the Innocent about Roche and other pharmaceutical company
animal torture.
Nestle’s especially since it bought Purina has aggressively marketed toxic animal flesh foods
as pet foods, while HSUS has gone the opposite direction, marketing Humane Choice, an
organic vegan dog food.
Banks which continue to receive the blood money of
animal abusers

pig forcefed sand and metal.. then murdered…fic/6976183.stm
drowning tanks for dogs

dead sheep used as ball in game
receiving liveshipment baby animals terrorized… sent by
Heifer Int’l

Activists work to end primate boxing

Yak slaughter

mistreatment of dogs

human arranged dogfights… no animal cruelty laws in TurkmenistanBARBARIC+ANIMAL+CRUELTY+IS+SWEEPING+THE…-a0110872385

Nearly 90 hippos dead of anthrax…

UAE sells camels for slaughter…. to fund research on captive animals
and had Tewari, a Texas group, build a camel slaughterhouse. Pregnant camels also are killed.
UAE bans demonstraters at Dubai zoo

Animals at Kiev Zoo being poisoned?

Fox rights
David Cameron wants to bring back barbaric fox hunting after Parliament banned hunting
with more than 2 dogs
Vivisection at Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool etc.

2nd in murdered pigs
USDA poisoning millions of starlings
too numerous to list .. require a separate thread*
Inuit try to derail seal rights campaign*
Military testing on lab animals
*Bombing of animals in at least 6 illegal war zones

cattle ranches

Catechism defense of animal research, silence about Jesus’
vegetarianism, silence about wars, Pope’s ermine

animal habitat destruction through deforestation

4th in murdered pigs
consumption of monkey flesh
consumption of monkey flesh
cooperates in the live shipment terror of frightened animals
by Heifer Int’l .. animals sent to lives of slavery and slaughter




Many more are at the following link:

Some of the millions of groups working to prevent animal suffering

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Black Woman


Black woman ope'd the back door
and found that she was done,
last night's fire had come to embers
but the blaze had just begun,

On the verandah, all around 'er
bottles, bongs and butts,
calm and still her outside,
but chaos in her guts,

Resolve was mounting in her bones
and soon it'd take her heart,
so on purpose for the last time
she let it break apart,

Then as the morning sun rose
and her tears evaporated,
her soul had closed, her heart had froze,
her love annihilated.

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The Snake

They once were little tears,
but now their minds are ticking,
behind those angry eyes,
the serpent's tongue is flicking,

tasting if the time is ripe;
hints of hurt an' hate,
a body of fraternity,
resolve in after taste,

the streets are streams that team with schools of innovative brains,
parents, crims, professionals, all head towards the same,

Each day they form a tributary,
Each day another sliver
joins the song of; victory!,
that flows toward the river,

Rushing down the streets,
gushing through the bush,
despite their small defeats,
still they come to push,

Collecting all the drops and puddles,
swamps, ponds, dams and lakes,
singing river songs,
so as to wake the snake,

At the river they arrived,
coiled in each and other,
a stranger now a friend,
a friend is now a brother,

And when the celebration ceased,
they came to call the serpent,
in such a chorus that it shook
all the earth and firmament,

but his answer never came,
so an elder at the head had said,
"he died his people's pain,
the Wogel now is dead",

it parched the people's love and hope,
'til song succumbed to silent doubt,
the armour's scales on those who pushed,
the people came to flout,

And then they bent in misery,
'cause for all that they had fought,
through such a trying history
had finally come to nought,

but then it came, so far away,
a voice still high and soft with joy,
and one by one the multitude,
had turned about to face the boy,

"I can see the serpent!",
said a boy in such a voice,
that all the people turned around
to praise, hail, and rejoice,

But there only stood an elder
not knowing what to say,
so again he said "the Wogel's dead,
he died the people's pain",

And in soul ache hate, they turned again,
faces stern, to go,
but the boy was hard, resilient,
and so he told them "No",

"I can see the serpent,
rising for the sun,
and I'm prepared to strike with him,
with all of us or none,

we live today and so he does,
the Wogel's us together,
with certain sight and will to fight,
the Wogel lives forever",

So what's to come?
We're here together.
Will this meet an end?
Will the Wogel live forever?
That's up to us my friend.


(The Wogel is a name for the Rainbow Serpent. The most significant creator being in Aboriginal Australian beliefs)

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The Nation

Damn the Black Cunt nation and all it's souls.
Why do we wither in the wake of war?
Why feel pride for a life so base?
Why to fold so lowly on the earth,
To wind in weakness like a serpent in the winter,
lamenting a yesterday this earth has never known.

We dream so high, yet live so low,
we cannot walk with the burden of yesterday in our heart,
bound down in chains of complacency.
It is too heavy a load. There is no rising with it.

We are a slave to it. Imprisoned by it, and impoverished of all else.
In time gone by blue skies rained riches,
but today dark clouds rain black for blacks.

The black story holds facts and those are these,
once free, then chained, now free again.
Nothing more or less.

Yet we remain disenfranchised by volition.
Who done what, for why and when is of no consequence.
We are the same.

The world over forever, as we did before, as it did to us,
and as we will again, has conquered it's self time and again,
to make victors victims, and victims destitute,

Violence, clash of cultures, ideals, the very fabrics of a society's morals,
smashed to oblivion, then some how pieced together, changed and
yet the same.

So if we must remember yesterdays, then these are the ones to remember,
these histories, they tell us that it all culminates at one moment,
this moment.

And this moment holds our one and only right,
the one we've exercised since Adam. Choice.
Our choice. To do or to die.

Insanities seed settled when we did,
and has bloomed to fruit in the minds of our children.
I will not choose to let it bloom again.

I am as we are, fermented and bent with it,
catatonic in my hate and loss,
but I will not remain,

I'm not a man to lead with love,
but I'll clear the way for the one who does.

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Brothers killing Brothers,

Mothers stabbing sons,

Babies die from withdrawrals,

Fathers on the run,


Sister girl died from AIDS,

Little cuz sells dope for fun,

His mother would o' gave a shit,

But she died from his daddies gun,


Drugs have killed my people

as fast as petrol burns,

As I sit with my drink

I'm waiting for my turn,


I hope that we all don't

die in this invasion,

The only way to win the war

is with an eduacation,

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Black Backs

Love and respect for the bended black backs,
who boiled in the heat and took the attack,
who quietly tended their scabs and their wounds,
while their children were dreaming sound safe in their rooms,

who cried in their passion and toiled in their pain,
who managed to laugh though all that remained
was the fear of tomorrow, and the fate that awaits
when their kids would be chained and then taken away,

who conspired a plan by the light of a wick,
in the dead of the night while beaten and sick,
with a clarity only despair can afford,
to rescue their children, where children were hoard,

Who died in the dirt while making the trip,
who died in the dirt by the gun and the whip,
who died in the dirt while kids watched and they cried,
though were happy to die because they had tried,

Love and respect for the tall and straight backs,
who remember the fight and what it is to be black.

Our Thin Blue Flag

The mast wore yellow in the sun an' rain,
the flag wore thin to see straight through,
the reason that it rose is long forgot,
the reason why stays stays true,

with only the earth to keep our truth,
and only the heavens to store our hope,
somewhere in between, on a rusted mast,
on a taught and fraying rope,

flies the thin blue flag against the sky,
with love and pride and sorrow,
to shoulder all our pain of past,
and hopes of our tomorrow,

so whether feeling love or loss,
or whether good or bad,
above you flies the southern cross
upon our thin blue flag.


Work's a cunt, we know it,
it's something to detest,
despite our souls objections,
we get up and get dressed,

it pays the rent, (or mortgage,
in half happy peoples case),
so with vegimite an' toast,
it's something that we face,

It aint that bad,
the dumb bitch on the till is still half drunk,
walkin' like a new calf,
and smellin' like a skunk,

the kitchen cunt, an arab bloke,
out rolls his muslim mat,
prayin for forgiveness,
(and not to burn the fat),

all is cool and quiet,
everyone's a task,
the idiots from last shift ,
left more than we could ask,

'cause even though we bitch an' moan,
even though we're slack,
we'd rather fix a fuck up,
than fuck up and give back,

so now the day is done,
the shift we can adjourn,
we count the day as won,
and tomorrow we return.

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The Cure

Brothers and cousin brothers,
cousin cousins and cousin friends
found boredoms cure in bottle's bottom,
whole families downing medicine,

and then we sought another cure,
and found it in the hydro trees,
or going into town
and stealing cars to tease police,

or, torment a passer by,
they ran, or cried, some flexed,
felt like a teranisaurus rex
in a cage of kids and lambs,

eat them until we're full,
then beat them because we could,
that cure was just as good
as the other medicines,

on sunday noon I woke,
heard a screaming out the window,
saw my brother was the cure
for my other brother's ills,

then my sight cast down the road,
the street was blood and spirits torn,
the cure had made us crazy,
into fucken cannibals.

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