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You tell me to do what's right

But you do what's wrong as soon as you're out of sight

Everything I do, everything I say

You just say I'm lying anyways

I'm sick of you yelling in my face

It's time for me to put you in your place

Hypocrite quit telling me your lies

Hypocrite you're just never satisfied

Hypocrite quit telling me your lie

You're the hypocrite that you can't denie

You keep telling me I'm insane

I don't know how to make this more plain

So let me make thi s clear

You're the one who's insane so why don't you just disappear

Hypocrite quit telling me your lie

Hypocrite you're just never satisfied

Hypocrite quit telling me your lie

You're the hypocrite that you can't denie

You tell me I'm the bad guy

You say why don't you just die

I'm the one who tried to do what's right

Everytime I so you just want to fight

There's hypocrites al

 Around this world

I don't know who to trust no more

All I can do is not be a hypocrite my self

All the others I can't help



Love's Puppet Show


My solitary justification for loving you was convincing myself I could actually survive in the secret fantasy world we had invented,


whispering dreams of grand escapes between sips of sweet wine and committing to memory the soft outline of your smile as we kissed,


Melting anxieties of the harsh world outside (that very same one waiting patiently on our doorstep) 


Naively ignoring that I was clutching to you with white knuckles and my grip was ever slipping,


Trying desperately to hold tightly to someone I knew I could never fully have; forever swinging perilously over a frothy, churning sea of jealousy


Yet when you held me, the raging storm fell mute; a faulty sense of clarity befell star crossed eyes bearing rose flushed glasses,


and in that frozen frame of time, I truly believed you were the only salve to mend open wounds and repair the damage inflicted by those before you,



No lofty commitments to doubt,
no heavy promises to halt this deadly dance we gladly swayed in time to,


just a pair of damaged humans with deep tears in their stuffing;
pasting patches forged from a strangers comfort over fractured souls in hope of healing,


Trembling fingers weaving taut stitching of raw, pink scars,

pulling together two broken lives and blindly believing it would hold.

G. Bosquez


I didn't do anything

Not a sound nor a word

Yet I find your cruel remarks

Rather disturbed

It's not I who is the monster

But he who points the finger

You are the lesser fiend

Your tounge kills the innocent.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Think about all the people who killed themselves because everyone around them laughed at the way they looked...Imagine not even saying a single word, and someone just busting out laughing in your face... It's not just one person though, it continues on and on throughout your life.. So that person starts reflecting on it, and the only conclusion they can come up with is to commit suicide to end the pain and torment... I mean seriously where is the kindness in peoples hearts? The sad thing in society it's acceptable to make fun of the way a person looks, sure some may say it's shallow or "it's only a joke". But what about when that person takes their OWN life!! I can't understand why we can't accept people for who they are and not judge them for the way they look!!! I mean you can't help the way you look, just like you can't help the color of your skin... I don't understand why can't we all be kind?? It just doesn't make sense.

Punching Bag

In the beginning, I was weak 
Broken hearted, filled with hope 
I wanted to love again 
I wanted to feel
Your love was different 
Unique and surreal
I fell for your charm
I fell for your lies
I tried to leave, you asked me “why?"
You promised me everything
To love me everyday
The anger set in, you knew I would stray
I couldn’t love you
I couldn’t lie to your face
You promised me pain
If I left that day
You threatened me with your fist
You said you’d break down my door
You set things on fire
You chased me out the door
My neck was the beginning 
So tight, I couldn’t breathe
I was scared, I didn’t listen
I stayed with you out of fear
I told myself to run, I told myself to leave
I fell into the trap, I was not myself

I couldn’t feel
I told others I would never be that person
But that person was what I had become
I was trapped filled with denial
Too embarassed to ask for help
The last time I spent with you
You put through hell
You kept me locked down
Like I was in a prison cell
I ran far away until I couldn't breathe
But I knew at the end of the day
I was finally free 
I fear for the next person
For they will never know
The lies you tell
The person underneath that shell
I am different now
I learned from my mistakes
I pass this on to the next person
Please hear my plea..
There is life beyond this hell 
Have hope, never fear
Trust your gut, live without regrets
You are worth more than to be...
someone’s punching bag
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this to inspire..to share my experience and to spread hope..

I See Her

I see her all the time. 

I see her in the couple that I watch argue about the nonsensical. 

I see her when the guy kisses the girl in the movie.

I see her when I feel alone.

I see her when I pick something to watch and I don't have to take anyone else's preference into consideration.  

I see her when a car that looks like hers drives by. 

I see her I think about what I should do with my life now.

I see her when I make a choice that puts me in the direction I need to be in.

I see her when I think about seeing someone else. 

I see her when the word beautiful is said.

I see her when I see a flower that catches my eye.

I see her when I hear a love song that could have been played on our wedding day.

I see her when I look at myself in the mirror. 


How can I see anything else if all I see is her?

How can I move on with life if all i see is her?

How can I focus on what's important if all I see is her?

How can I see the man that I am to become if all I see is her?


I must not see her again. 

I must blind my passion, my addiction,  my obsessivenes, my weakness, my salvation. 

I must not allow myself to see her....

For I can not see anything else aside from her if I see her. 

A blind fool is what I must be to become a wise man. 

So with out sight and upon faith I walk.


The black sky is all around
The black road runs for miles
The black crow fly's above
The black house is all alone
The black door is on the floor
The black foot steps lead up stairs
The black light flickers
The black window shatters
The black pen begins to write
The black guitar plays with no hands
The black box is just sitting

Change Of Heart


As the soldier rise above of the line of fire.
Then he skydives into a pool of holy water.
Praying to the heavenly father to erase his past.
His change of heart is making him change his path.
He'd witness the aftermath of The Last Fight.
He cleared the debris from his eyes now his mind is illuminated.
Man and woman of every creed and color should love each other.
Although what brings change also brings a surprise.
His old armada shows up at his place of rest
They was frustrated with bodies that was half slain.
They're saying he is a coward who's close to death.
The armada closes in to end this man of peace and his family.
Until his entire community came out of their quarters with pitchforks.
Weapons of all sorts they're the support of this changed man.
So the armada's plan didn't go as it was planned.
The Ex-soldier remains alive with burrow time.
Because the armada is dead but violence is still alive.
And it will never die...
And we learned this from The Last Fight...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

More of a continuation of The Last Fight I wrote.

When it Hits You


Everyone falls.

At one point in all our lives

we experience a betrayal,

pain unlike anything posssibly imagined,

sometimes more than once.

However no one ever forgets the worst of them all,

That one time where we fall so far

that it seems impossible to ever get up again.

But we cling on, we seek the light 

regardless of whether it will save us

or damn us further.

And so we change, so as to never again

feel the same pain we turn on who we are.

For we would rather watch the world burn

then to be tossed like that again.

The only cure is from a heart so pure,

that it would shatter the darkness and ask us,

"Why did you fall?"

Because you stood by someone who

didn't stand by you.

So it's time to find someone who would.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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