I didn't do anything

Not a sound nor a word

Yet I find your cruel remarks

Rather disturbed

It's not I who is the monster

But he who points the finger

You are the lesser fiend

Your tounge kills the innocent.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Think about all the people who killed themselves because everyone around them laughed at the way they looked...Imagine not even saying a single word, and someone just busting out laughing in your face... It's not just one person though, it continues on and on throughout your life.. So that person starts reflecting on it, and the only conclusion they can come up with is to commit suicide to end the pain and torment... I mean seriously where is the kindness in peoples hearts? The sad thing in society it's acceptable to make fun of the way a person looks, sure some may say it's shallow or "it's only a joke". But what about when that person takes their OWN life!! I can't understand why we can't accept people for who they are and not judge them for the way they look!!! I mean you can't help the way you look, just like you can't help the color of your skin... I don't understand why can't we all be kind?? It just doesn't make sense.

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Weird things

Now days you see that a lot, even from 10 year olds. I don't understand what has got in their minds to create such things. It's just weird how things can be let go without someone saying anything.

Life is one hard thing to get...

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Yes it's sad alot of young kids kill themselves over other kids bullying them... It's the parents not teaching their kids morals and probably setting the example by making fun of people at a grocery store or something.. The kid sees that then that kid goes to school and it becomes a vicious cycle.. Sadly their isn't any hope that it's ever going to change.. Just gotta try to be a kind and good person no matter what... Too few of those in this world today. :/

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it's sad.

It's sad whenever anyone no matter at what age when someone takes their own life.. Society is cruel.