Change Of Heart


As the soldier rise above of the line of fire.
Then he skydives into a pool of holy water.
Praying to the heavenly father to erase his past.
His change of heart is making him change his path.
He'd witness the aftermath of The Last Fight.
He cleared the debris from his eyes now his mind is illuminated.
Man and woman of every creed and color should love each other.
Although what brings change also brings a surprise.
His old armada shows up at his place of rest
They was frustrated with bodies that was half slain.
They're saying he is a coward who's close to death.
The armada closes in to end this man of peace and his family.
Until his entire community came out of their quarters with pitchforks.
Weapons of all sorts they're the support of this changed man.
So the armada's plan didn't go as it was planned.
The Ex-soldier remains alive with burrow time.
Because the armada is dead but violence is still alive.
And it will never die...
And we learned this from The Last Fight...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

More of a continuation of The Last Fight I wrote.