Road Trip

When the school year is over Deborah and I are filled with such elation

As we say goodbye to our students and head off on our summer vacation.


We’ve taken the same roads to the mountains every summer year in-year out.

So this year we decided to buck tradition and take a different route.


I planned our trip without freeways…on the back roads we decided to ride

So off I drove with my GPS and Deborah by my side.


We drove up on the back roads and on back roads we returned

And now, if I may, let me express to you some of lessons that we learned.


If you’re at all religious in Georgia you don’t have far to search

Because it seems on every corner there is a Baptist church.


And after church if you’re hungry you can take your family or spouse

Out to lunch--because on every other corner there is a Waffle House.


On the back roads everywhere you look there is beauty to be found

But you may also discover people you’re afraid to be around.


People who may not quite believe what you believe is true

And who according to their bumper stickers will have no trouble shooting you.

People who, and on this I can’t be certain, but I believe may get their thrill

By marrying their sisters and eating fresh road kill.


Yes the back roads can be wonderful- with all the beauty that’s awaiting

But they can also be a little scary and somewhat intimidating


So the next time Deborah and I head to the mountains in order to survive


We decided to leave the back roads behind and take I-75.

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Sentimental Summertime

What would it take

what would it take to make you mine 

can i have a second 

a second of your time

or maybe just a dance 

a dance for two under the stars

i want to vacation in the warmth 

the warmth inside your arms

On the rooftops in Seattle 

or lake michigans cold shores 

i don't care where we go 

as long as baby, i'm yours. 

Feeding Stingrays In Castaway Cay

We're in the water,
it comes up to my waist.

One of the instructors
informs us about
the right way to feed
the slippery stingrays,
and when we're not to feed them.

They come up these
special feeding platforms,
and you hold small pieces
of shrimp, octopus, and
these green protein bars.

You hold them between
your fingers,
palms down on the platform.

The stingrays float up,
and put their suction-y
mouths over the food,
and basically vacuum
up the food,
right out of your hands.

The singrays are slimy,
and don't really seem
to like to be touched.

The experience was nice,
and it was pretty fun.
I'd recomend it
to everyone!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Work in progress! During my vacation cruise on the Disney Dream, we went to Castaway Cay, a disney owned Bahama island. My mother, my sister, and I swam with stingrays, and got to feed them too! It was alot of fun, and I'd recomend the Disney Cruises to Everyone!!

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It's not another work night
where we're clawing at our beds,
but it's also not a get-away
with carried dirt on heels.
We're making many tracks in sand
that give away the state of things
and the weight of all our urgency,
which admittedly is little.
Soon we're treading, water-logged;
our armaments in tow.
A giggle rises from the land
that we might just have solicited.
Soon surrendered to fatigue,
forced to share in the defeat;
we lead aloft to balconies
just to find some trash to eat.

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