Something In His Eyes


More than just a glimmer,

Much more than just a spark.

A whole light, that is easily seen,

Within' those eyes so dark.

Going so far deeply-

Almost inward, to his soul.

Gets you lost in looking,

Yet he's so steady, so in control.

Such passion, such desire,

To do what it is, he does.

Such a steadfast, determination,

For this craft, that he so loves.

He's struggled hard to get here,

And more than paid his dues.

Those many years of playing the clubs,

Singing his kind, of soulful blues.

And yet, he reamins so humble,

Always remembers his original roots.

He's still that shy, Southern gentleman,

Just in a fancier pair of boots.

This rise to fame, will never change him,

And that I truely believe.

Because there's something in his eyes, that says,

"Who I am, will never leave."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about and for Taylor Hicks.
See picture-poem here:

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Thanks Mom For Who We Are

She gave me life

And SHE gave me a wife

The shes are our mothers

And there are no others.

They nurtured us for the life ahead

Drilling lessons and responsibilities into our heads

They didn’t spare the rod or a backhand

But now that we are parents, we understand.

We give them credit for who we are

No handbooks for raising us, but they made par.

The good we kept, the mistakes we let go

Since they couldn’t go back to make it so.

We turned out just fine in a way

So this poem is for our mothers on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mothers Day Anna M. H. and Sylvia M. H.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my Mom and Mother-in-law.

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For Judy and Harlan

I feel your pain

I hear you cry

I see the strain

How hard you try.

The box closes in,

There is no escape

There is no end,

Seems to be your fate.

But you go on.

Trying to survive,

Must be strong for your son

As long as he is alive.

Every day is a gift for him

Y’all are not alone,

We pray for his body to mend,

Our heart breaks too when he moans.

Only God knows the reason,

Why this has to be,

We can only pray in this season,

That soon he will set him free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Little Harlan is having a rough time and I request all who read this say a prayer for him.

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We are American

We are American

We are America

and will stand

unity as one country.

We are American

and we will

fight to keep

our freedom.

We are America

so we always

fight to protect

our nation flag.

If you destroy

our flag then

we will fight

for it still.

So let remember

the fallen warriors

(soldiers) and the

ones that are

fighting right now

on this Fourth of July.

We are American

that will show

our true colors.

The red white

and blue which

I will always

defend when the

time is needed.

-Gene Conner

July 4, 2006

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Taylor...Its All Your Fault!


Oh, Taylor, what have you done to us?

We were once respectable, daughters, mothers, wives.

But since you strolled out on the scene,

You've all but consumed, our lives!

We stay here staring at this monitor,

For hours and hours every day.

Just so we won't miss a single word,

That might be posted about 'Our TAY!'

The dishes are stacked up in our sinks.

The laundry piled up on the floor.

The only time we've left the house,

Is to buy PEOPLE mag down at the store!

Our kids ask, "What's for dinner, Mom?"

And what do we answer and do?

Raising our fist in the air, we scream...


We know we're starting to loose it-

That last bit of our self-control,

When hubby tells you in the morning,

That in your sleep you yelled, "SOUL PATROL!!!"

Or when we're looking at our men,

Contemplating their hair.

And running our fingers through it,

Hoping to see some gray growing there!

We're spening all our savings accounts,

On tickets, tee-shirts and CD's.

We see a display of 'DIMYP'

And yell, running..."I HAVE to have MORE of THESE!"

Our families are getting really worried,

And whispering about a show called, 'Intervention.'

I heard they are starting a weekly meeting group-

I think they called it, 'Taylor-Prevention!'

We don't even watch much TV no more,

Unless we know, you'll be on a certain show.

We couldn't tell you what's going on in the world-

But your favorite things? Now THAT, we know!!

We're creating sigs and graphics,

And cute little avatars and pics.

See! We are learning something here!

That there's so many ways to write, 'TAYLOR HICKS!'

We've posted lots of funny things,

Even had a 'fantasy thread'.

But lucky for you (and our sanity)

That, that one, now is dead!

We're on this thing from early morning.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For all my fellow SPers at TOSP!!

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Sing on Soul Man...Sing On


Searching for something deeper-

Other than another 'pop-star clone,'

Up from the South, a new voice rose,

Leading us to a love, that's grown.

People said, 'He's too different'

American Idol still took a chance.

Taylor Hicks prooved he 'had it'-

Right down to his soulful dance!

Over the weeks, it grew and grew,

Like a musical tidal wave.

Taylor never missed a beat-

Always, he delieverd and gave.

You could say, that we knew it,

Loved him, from the very start.

Over and over we voted for him,

Right from our faithful hearts.

He has finally taken his place-

IDOL of two thousand and six.

Cheering him, we cried and laughed for the-

King of the 'New Soul', Taylor Hicks!!!

Sing on Soul Man...Sing On.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Taylor Hicks a GREAT person AND Musician!

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The Soul Of A Man


What a gift from Heaven,

To bring forth such emotion.

I wonder if he ever knew,

He would cause this fan-comotion!?

He stands so true, to himself,

In the music that he sings.

I hope that he has realized,

The joy, his person brings.

Kind and caring and gentle,

Are the impressions that he gives.

Its in his music, in his soul,

Its in the way he lives.

He's not just, another 'star',

But a new one, in his own right.

And high above the musical world,

He is shining so very bright.

To love so much, so deeply,

What it is, you so well do,

Is testament to strong dedication,

And to staying to roots, so true.

You can see compassion in his eyes,

when saddened for his friend.

In how he DIDN'T act so selfish,

When another's chance, came to an end.

He's full of a deep-set passion,

Which he feels so deep inside.

He's not afraid to show the world,

His kindhearted, softer side.

And he's not afraid to just let go,

Just have a real good time.

He lets himself be taken away,

In his musical, movement rhymes.

It all adds to his character,

To the personna he projects.

All he is and all he does,

So emotionally effects.

Its amazing to have such a talent,

Which brings so many to tears.

Though he is still younger,

He is wise, beyond his years.

He's given us such a gift,

Which we cannot fully repay.

But we can, support him,

In our own, special way.

What a testament of a person,

Who gives back all he can.

What a joy to be able to know,

This awesome soul of a man!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Taylor Hicks a GREAT person AND Musician!

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Yes, You Make Us Proud!!!


For all that you have given us,

We'll scream it to you, out loud-

Taylor Hicks, you ARE our IDOL,

And YES, You Make Us Proud!!!

For all the joy you freely share,

The way you stand out in the crowd-

Taylor Hicks, you have something special,

And YES, You Make Us Proud!!!

For your voice, your song, your soul,

We've gladly backed you, as we vowed.

Taylor Hicks, you move us to tears,

And YES, You Make Us Proud!!!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Taylor Hicks a GREAT person AND Musician!

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(T. Beechey)

She always walks through life wearing a smile

You'd think that her concerns were infantile

No one would have the faintest guess

But that's what she wants and so I say "God bless"

The strongest man would never think to choose

To walk but just an inch within her shoes

But that's what she wants,she's definitely set the dial

She always walks through life wearing a smile

She always walks through life wearing a smile

Even as the woes of life against her pile

No one notices cause no one sees

But that's what she wants and so I beg you please

Don't show pity or make her think she's weak

Don't let her feel her situation's bleak

So far she's mastered each and every trial

And she always walks through life wearing a smile

She always walks through life wearing a smile

To the pain,she grants an absolute denial

Nobody even has the slightest clue

But that's what she wants and she'll make it through

A passerby would never realize

All that's going on behind her eyes

But that's what she wants,that is just her style

She always walks through life wearing a smile

She always walks through life wearing a smile

Even though she's hurting all the while

Nobody but those closest to her know

But that's what she wants,she don't let it show

I've heard of talk of others' bravery

In the face of this or that adversity

But they can't hold a candle until they've walked her mile...

And she always walks through life wearing a smile

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