Why did I have to lose the most beautiful person

(Inside and out)

That I've ever known?

And how could he leave me

Without even saying good-bye?

Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad

If he'd have been someone else,

But he had to be so different;



But I guess it's always the really sweet guys

Who make you love them,

Make you suffer,

Make you stay up half the night

Thinking about them,

And dream about them  

When you finally do get to sleep.

And I know that he'll forever remain

Deep inside my memory,

To remind me life's not sugar-coated;

It is painfully


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was reminded how bittersweet life can be when my old Co-worker,  friend,and secret crush,Tim Markel,left me to join the Navy.  

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The sun shines down upon my face,

Filling me with happiness and warmth.

Though the rain may be pouring,

Or the night,dark and cold,

I always know that I can count on the sun

To greet me in the morning

Like a friend who is always near.

And the rays shine down and wrap around me

Like a warm,loving embrace;

Putting some light into my heart,

Where there was none before.

The clouds lift,

And the sky opens up.

Lonliness and pain

Are blinded by the light.

The sun dries the rain,

And the tears in my eyes;

Putting some light into my life

Where there was none before.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written for my old friend,Ray Tomlin. I miss you!

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My love I come today to pay tribute to you

For all the wonders that you had done

Bringing sunshine where abides the darkness

Smiles abounding where before was none.

For bringing with you clear and blue skies

Where before was a black void or hurting heart

For blooming flowers everywhere and anywhere

Every Spring and in every season of our lives.

For the majestic seas and every single wave

For all the mountains that I know exists

For green forests and all the falling rains

And all the creatures born always and every day.

For all the inocent smiles from little children

And also all the smiles from friendly people

For lives shining all through the dark corners

For people giving your love with all their hearts.

My love I came today to pay my tribute to you

For all the wonder of wonders forever that you create

In every corner of the earth and whole universe

For miracles are made in your name every single day.

Nothing can compare to you my dearest love

You are here to bring us and give us joy

To fill the needs of all the hungry hearts

And grow in your love that comes only really from God.



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Brimming rays

Of lights,

Splashes of



Bouncing eerie,


The sunshine,

To the stained-blue


Yellow splashes



Rolling fields,

Of never ending


Startling sad


Grimmed faces.

Rustling winds


Hunting starry


He saw it all,


His poor tormented


And his wide


Of China blue.

As he left us all


Of rainbow colors,

Like stainglass,



pieces of all

His dreams!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated with all my love,respect and great admiration to my very favorite painter of all time, the great and very unique Vincent Van Gogh.
I hope you like this poem
paying my tribute to him.
I just love him, and sadly he was so misunderstood in every way in his own time.I believe he was also a beautiful human being in all his troubled and tortured life and so short-lived life as a painter in the end.Enjoy
the reading! thank you guys.

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The princess was so beautiful and

And so very funny and kind,

But the princess of the blue eyes

Just wanted true love to find

Not very far away from her own kingdom,

She met and knew her prince one day,

The one in her mind that she cared for

The one that she came to love they say

What a woven fairy tale romance that was then,

The very sweet princess of the  blue eyes and,

Her prince dated and asked her to marry him one day,

So of course she did,at his side she wanted to stand

But the fairy tale romance and marriage,

Didn't really lasted  that long, that was so sad,

For her prince,the one who she have loved so much,

Was in love with somebody else and everything was bad

So the beautiful Princess with the striking and

Kind blue eyes and a smile to melt any cold heart,

Just faded away for so many years like an english rose,

Her heart was so sad, and she knew they have to part

So she cried for so long for her loss and what that meant to her,

But with a big smile and gracefulness she tried to heal very quick,

Sometimes she hid all her sorrows right within her broken heart,

Showing and giving her love to the people and caring for the sick

Some many years went like that till one night I heard

A very sad and heartbreaking news about the princess we all know,

The one with those big blue compelling eyes that I had come so much

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Painting tapestries in awesome colors,

Beautiful mountains and skies of blues,

Such unique and wonderful painter that

He was

Painting was his whole world

And shared it he wanted it, and did it

All with you and me

Loving nature and flowers too,

Nursing little creatures back to


But especially he loved and cared,

I know he did,

For people just like... me and you,

Motivated everybody how to paint,

With his very rich and soft


Always the believer, in his kinded


That anyone believing  and trying

Could also learn how to paint

And that everything that you create,

It is your own world as you see it and paint

It you can as you perceive it with your heart

And eyes

For me his shinning spirit,

Will always live and move on,

Gracing and warming every single heart

And every home,

Indeed for me he's here to stay,

With his big heartwarming smile and

Endearing passion and inspiration,

To be forever cherished and treasured

And as the majestic sea that he liked

So much to also paint,

His wonderful legacy will live on and

Continue to ever grow,

And as the sands upon warm beaches

Also his wonderful painter's spirit

All over the earth

Will move all the waves

At sea forever and ever


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is my devoted didication to the very wonderful and special painter and person to me,Bob Ross,he was very much loved by me and one of my greatest inspiration to me as a painter,since his beggining painting career on tv.I owe him so much and he gave so much to the world with his unique gift and cheerful and caring inspiration.This is my very humble tribute to him, his spirit still lives on and forever in my heart, and still he is very much missed and alway be for me...this poem was a very heartbreaking, and full of joy poem to write about somebody, because he meant to me a lot in my life...and touched so many lives too,and i know still does. Enjoy the reading! Thank you guys!

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The bitter sadness of a

Soundless mound,

Huddles the midair


With all my tears!

Frozen in time,


Cut short

By the glacial


Of death!

Mainstreams of life,

Undefined and


Lost figure, heart and


In that shallow,lonely and


Resting place.

The grave!

Mounds of soil,

Untold visions and


Buried now


What was life is

Now forever


Silent and sadness,


With a cruel and

Mighty thump!

Roses fading away,

Are left to die

Kissing only her cold

And beautiful

Mortal flesh.

And death

Hovers and shuns,

The very gods,

Mocking all that is

Life and

You and me!



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This Jason is for you,

we all love the things you do,

you work, go to school, and keep this up to,

oh, Jason, your words of woe make me blue.

I read your words from the heart,

and understand of you they are a part,

let me if I can, with a little advice depart,

stay in school, show them that you are the one with the smarts.

It is sad that one has to do all this,

just to enjoy the payday bliss,

spend money that you always miss,

job interviews where you are the one they 'DIS'.

If you have the paper saying all you know,

your paycheck will have that of pregant woman glow,

to the bank in a big way you will go,

so get giggy with it and put on the JASON MINTON show.

So here's to you Jason, I know it does not seem right,

just for one flippin' piece of paper, we have to put up a hell of a fight,

with head up, eyes looking towards the future, walk out into the light,

show them what you are really all about........


show them,

alittle of that,

Jason Bytes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hang in there.... we are pulling for you..... hope that you understand just how much we love you here.... this is the most KICK ASS site out there.... there are some really nice ones...... but to most of us here at well Jason honestly.... this is home..... and you have many children that are depending on you to show us the way ....... you have the power of the natural ability to learn this from a book..... you my friend could just be a wonderful teacher of the less fortunate...... if there is every any thing that I can do to help you out here just let me know.... I don't have the education that you have... or the knowledge of what it takes to do what you do here.... but if you need me... I am here... just to help make your load lighter..... take care and please hang in there....

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