The Soul Of A Man


What a gift from Heaven,

To bring forth such emotion.

I wonder if he ever knew,

He would cause this fan-comotion!?

He stands so true, to himself,

In the music that he sings.

I hope that he has realized,

The joy, his person brings.

Kind and caring and gentle,

Are the impressions that he gives.

Its in his music, in his soul,

Its in the way he lives.

He's not just, another 'star',

But a new one, in his own right.

And high above the musical world,

He is shining so very bright.

To love so much, so deeply,

What it is, you so well do,

Is testament to strong dedication,

And to staying to roots, so true.

You can see compassion in his eyes,

when saddened for his friend.

In how he DIDN'T act so selfish,

When another's chance, came to an end.

He's full of a deep-set passion,

Which he feels so deep inside.

He's not afraid to show the world,

His kindhearted, softer side.

And he's not afraid to just let go,

Just have a real good time.

He lets himself be taken away,

In his musical, movement rhymes.

It all adds to his character,

To the personna he projects.

All he is and all he does,

So emotionally effects.

Its amazing to have such a talent,

Which brings so many to tears.

Though he is still younger,

He is wise, beyond his years.

He's given us such a gift,

Which we cannot fully repay.

But we can, support him,

In our own, special way.

What a testament of a person,

Who gives back all he can.

What a joy to be able to know,

This awesome soul of a man!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Taylor Hicks a GREAT person AND Musician!

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