~Ode To Princess Diana~

(Tribute, to the People's Princess,today, on the 10th anniversary since her very tragic death)

The princess was so beautiful and

And so very funny and kind,

But the princess of the blue eyes

Just wanted a true love to find

Not very far away from her own kingdom,

She met and knew her prince one day,

The one in her mind that she cared for

The one that she came to love they say

What a woven fairy tale romance that was then,

The very sweet princess of the  blue eyes and,

Her prince dated and asked her to marry him one day,

So of course she did,at his side she wanted to stand

But the fairy tale romance and marriage,

Didn't really lasted  that long, that was so sad,

For her prince,the one who she have loved so much,

Was in love with somebody else and everything was bad

So the beautiful Princess with the striking and

Kind blue eyes and a smile to melt any cold heart,

Just faded away for so many years like an english rose,

Her heart was so sad, and she knew they have to part

So she cried for so long for her loss and what that meant to her,

But with a big smile and gracefulness she tried to heal very quick,

Sometimes she hid all her sorrows right within her broken heart,

Showing and giving her love to the people and caring for the sick

Some many years went like that till one night I heard

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Chrisette Michele Night

unbearable haze applied

a chokehold above the Manhattan skies

as afterwork recipients and yuppies alike

gather collectively for the

sounds of Chrisette Michele

"Fantastic" is the perfect

adjective to place upon the attendance

must've been close to a thousand

or better

Kiss FM couldn't have picked a better day

scents of impatience and the taste

of nutcracker and martini beverages

dwells within the mouths of delicious

sexy ass sistas of all shades

being hawked by the skirt chasers

harassing them

baby girl graces the stage

decked out in a simple gold tee

black jeans, maintaining the true beauty she is

as the soulful sounds gravitate

fans of all ages

If I Could Have My Way

was the next tune she wailed

all without a single flaw

as my periferals focus at the performance on stage

seemed as if she was talking

directly to me

(well in my world, she is, lol)

so in my paralyzed state, I listened.

not knowing she had more than just

a lovely voicebox

but an excellent keyboard player

play on....

Damn, after that full hour of

subconscious mind sex

applauds, CD signings and autographs

I wasn't about to leave

until we met face-to-face

and a picture to keep for a lifetime

then sinking down to the wire

of the last few minutes

she stood up for departure

as little miss prissy next to me

poppin the gum

possibly 12 years of age

got skipped on line.......

as Vice got that money shot of us

standing together

with shades on at night

maybe I was wrong

for skipping in front of that girl.....

...but I got my picture!!

Now as I sit here looking like

a kid who just got his first car at graduation

I'm pondering on if the same exact episode

will air at Deborah Cox's in-store. lol.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just reiterating a fine and talented R&B artist who recently had a concert in NY. Best wishes!

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Shadows in the corner.

Shadows crawling.

Walls darkening.

Dreams fleeting.

Air flows.

Breath flows.

Tears dry.

All is lost.

Was there anything to lose?

what was to gain?

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For You, Sanaa

shuffling my cards

to seek something new

something true

something oooohhhhh....

I found you face down in the deck

I hope I got a good hand

the hand that will caress

your face

everytime I think of brown sugar

and the soul you possess

within the calm of a violent storm

I got you covered for life

the hand that will put you

to the challenge

between love and basketball

winner takes all

I have a heart that will provide warmth

anytime you're out in the cold

trust me, it will be magic

I just hope you don't pull disappearing acts

on me

I wish I had the power to freeze the clock

and saturize what we can achieve

hope I'm not out of time

I have the character of a predator

waiting and watching you at bay

for my appetite is quite on low range

not to ramble and fumble my words, but

if I happen to be the best man

will you be the queen of my dreams

Key word....."dream"

that's the ticket to a

round trip to reality

but at least it was something new

Author's Notes/Comments: 

dedicated to actress Sanaa Lathan. I'm an avid admirer.

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Mamaw, I wonder where you keep your wings.

Are they hung in your closet with the rest of your things?

Do you put them away and just use them at night or give them to someone special

to polish up bright?

I know you have wings,

for this must be true,

'cause God always gives them to Angels just like you.

All the things you used to do

Cooking dinner on Sunday

No one else can cook like you

Sitting for hours

Telling us tales

Working in your garden

Pulling all the weeds

Wiping sweat from your brow

And gently planting seeds

You are a special Grandma

One that we adore

You taught us right from wrong

And so very much more.

Mamaw I remember

When you would sing a song

You would encourage

Us all to sing along

And you would sit and rock

And with your switch

give us some "tea"

I can still see it

As you held it in your hands

Well worn from all the stripes it made

While you taught us of God's plans

Mamaw, I remember

Don't worry about me

You taught us all so well

Years ago upon your knee.

God gave us an angel right here on earth,

You taught us our values and gave us self worth,

You've guided us through life with your wisdom, God's light,

You've steered us from wrong, and lead us toward right.

You've stood by our sides when things were rough,

You taught us in bad times we need to be tough.

You are there when we need you throughout all our years,

You've laughed with us in happy times, and comforted our tears.

Our angel on earth was sent from above,

God paid you not in wages, but with eternal love.

You have been our confidante, our rock, our protector,

We owe so much to you.

And when God says your job is through, I know we won't forget you.

You need not a halo, you've already got your

silken wings of grace,

And the glory of God's love shines upon your beautiful face.

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Poor Bored Edgar

Tis the valley of fire within

The suffering of the soul I'm in

Wraith of sections, chambered mind explore

Of meaningless nothings of thoughtless lore

Being helpless throughout, and through-in

Bored crazed mindwalls closing in!

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Thank You, Teacher


Teacher, you are a blessing

to all your students here.

You've given of yourself so much

all throughout the year.

It must be a dedication

a sort of driving force.

To be able to teach a child so much

and keep them right on course.

I hear it in my child's voice

and I see it in her face.

When she speaks of you with love

I know you'll be hard to replace.

So Thank You, Teacher, for all you've done

in helping my child to grow.

I know she's all the better for

the knowledge you did bestow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 06/04/02
For my daughter's 2'nd grade teacher back in 2002. I presented her with a framed copy and had read this piece out loud to her on the last day of school durimg the class party.

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109th Independence

2007-2009 Poems

What is freedom?

We may not be free from debts,

Not free from poverty,

We may not be free from injustice and inequality...

Corruption is still there-

Fighting for survival, everywhere.

We may not be free from the marks of the past.

Or from being globally, social outcasts.

But being in a country which is not my own,

Seeing people, in their own land- disowned.

The refugees, the stateless people...

No nationality, limited boundaries to trudge on...

At least I have a country who calls me her child.

A flag to show, an anthem to sing...

A family to come 'home' to in all parts of the world.

A currency to work for...for whatever it's worth.

And for those things, I shout out:


Mabuhay ka pinoy- kahapon, ngayon at bukas!!!

Mabuhay ka Inang Bayan!!!

Para sa kalayaang magbago,

Para sa kalayaang mangarap,

Para sa kalayaang magpahayag

Para sa kalayaang MABUHAY.

Sa panahon ngayon...wala ng bansa ang tunay na malaya.


**Long live!

Long live to you Filipino- yesterday, today and tomorrow!!!

Long live mother land!!!

For the freedom to change

For the freedom to dream

For the freedom of democracy

For the freedom to live.

In the present nation is truly free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

12th of June 2007, a tribute to my homeland- Philippines' 109th year of Independence. ~jerlin

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Re: Hamlet

It breaks my heart to see you go so soon,

but God above has heard your desp'rate prayer

and now, hearing the darkness in your heart,

answers the call with your untimely death.

You got everything that you had asked for -

familial revenge served flaming hot;

taking uncle's life in trade for father's,

his medicine he was made to drink of.

You pinned for relief, sought perm'nent release.

Alas!  But at what cost was answered prayer?

A lover, friends, kinsmen all met with death

as a curse that you may have your blessing.

This earth you once regarded as prison

no longer holds you up or holds you down -

your royal domain is now the unknown,

the land whose ills you are now made to bear.

Life flows in us and leaves so quickly, and

sad beginnings can beget sad endings;

a rapier's end is your young end, and

in the end, as said, the rest is silence.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love the play "Hamlet".  Thing is, the ending makes me sad.  My response.  I do love the play, though it is a sad play.

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