My Good Friend, .....A True Soldier!

You were there, a moment

ago, you and I we were talkin'!

Suddenly, I saw an explosion,

and the dirt around us blew up!

When the smoke, and dust

cleared, I thought that you

were still lying on your side,

still about to say something,

something funny, or

something interesting, as

we waited, with our guns...

I turned to look, and there

was a lot of yelling in the

background, and then I saw

you, OH-MY-GOD!!! I had to

look away, it was too harsh

for me to really look at you,

(I am soo sorry, so sorry!)

Your head had a hole, right

near your ear..a little above

it, and it oozed blood, out of

it..I gulped, and swallowed

again! My friend, Oh, GOD!

I wish, I were someplace

else! Not here! Not to see

a person I know, like that!

Your eyes, were wide

open, and dust,

had settled on them..

I was afraid to touch you

.I was ....AFRAID.....YEAH!

...I grabbed my

jacket, and rubbed my nose,

cuz' I found myself, bawling..

uncontrollably. I just couldn't

get over the shock!

My friends called out to me, to

move, and I thought I could,

but, my body was shaking

so damn badly, I just

couldn't do it.

Finally, they rushed over, and

dragged me back, behind

another wall of dirt. "Did you

see, Griffin?Did you see him?!"

I pleaded to them.They glanced

over, "yeah, right, we'll take

a good look, but you stay here!"

they ordered me.

I sat backwards on the ground

and sat there, no sound coming

outta me...I felt so confused.

Was this where I was supposed

to be, lying in a state of shock,

in a dirt pile, lost my friend,

due to a shot from the enemy

doing nothing, but sitting still?

Over the dirt ditch I saw them

they ran back to me, quickly

"yeah, Griffin's gone, we gotta

move again, come on!" they

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Author's Notes: By ladykelshan
Written Saturday, September, 3rd, 2006

I got the idea from a show on solders that I had seen...regarding either a car bombing and or bombing in a ditch. I saw this young man, with a hole I think in his head, and his friend talking about the death of his friend near by...they were soldiers out in Afghanistan...and one very young boyish looking kid got immediately killed nearby.. (I think) It really hit me, so much watching this show, that I began to have a nightmare about it....It was very disturbing..but, I felt that I had to write about it!!!The friend that had to describe his comrade was just practically "losing it" on t.v....and I would NOT blame him at all, in the slightest!!! I can totally understand....

For those of you out there serving or who know others who are serving, please take care.....I care....I know you don't feel like doing much anymore , at times...but, you are doing some great things out there....May Peace, Go with you, all!

love, ladykelshan

P.S.Though, I am NOT responsible for this war....I just wanted to add, how deeply sorry I am for you losing great friends....I am sorrier than I can convey....!!!
Hoping that healing comes soon, for all of you soldiers out there....soon!

Blessed be!

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Soldiers out there....

Soldiers out there.

whatever you might think,

each step you move,

each breath you take,

You are NOT alone.....

Soldiers out there...

whatever you may know,

our hearts are with you now,

whereever you are,

whereever you go....

You are NOT alone....

Soldiers out there,

with no nerves of steel,

but hearts of Gold...

You are one of us,

you are marvelous,


You are NOT alone......

Soldiers out there....

You don't have to prove


You are just who you


no not kings , nor a ruler,

BUT, you have all

come so far!!!


You are NOT alone....

Soldiers out there....

walkin' an endless mile,

know that when you're


you can relax and


You aren't Alone......

For all of the brave and wonderous

human beings out there, that are

doing a mighty job...God and Goddess

Bless you all!

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Author's Notes: By lilwinky//Julie A. Katz-O'Neill Ladykelshan
Written Tuesday March 28th, 2006

Love N' Light,

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To all the

veterans I want

to say thanks

for fighting for us.

To all the

ones who did

not come alive

I want to

tell those soldiers

thanks for fight

for us.

To all the

veterans that we

have lost over

the years.

They saw things

that we could

never understand.

So the next

time you heard

21 gun salute

or the lonely bugle.

To all the

veterans we thankful

for what you did.

We should honor

the veterans all

the time not

one day.

Lets not forgot

about the veterans

and the one

that never come back.  

-Gene Conner

November 10, 2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

* This is wrote for my grandfather and My dad who is veterans in different wars plus for the all the veterans*

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(T. Beechey)

My lady knows me inside and out

She can tell you everything I am about

Even the things to which I am in doubt

Yes,that is my lady

My lady is proud,but she never boasts

She'll accept hugs and handshakes and toasts

But she'll never take credit for another's posts

Yes,that is my lady

My lady,my lady,through good times and bad

No matter what happened,we've always had

Each other to say,"We made it through,baby"

And I always will with my lady

My lady is brave,but never takes dares

She's just who she is,doesn't put on airs

If you're feeling low,she's the first one who cares

Yes,that is my lady

My lady's not loud,but yes she is strong

She'll say face-to-face when you are wrong

And if you are right,she'll sing you a song

Yes,that is my lady

My lady,my lady,through thick and thin

We've been through it all and back again

Will I always be yours? There isn't a maybe

I will always say yes to my lady

And my lady,she always tucks me in tight

Tells me she loves me,then turns off the light

Then she gives me a soft sweet kiss good night

Yes,that is my lady

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My favorite part

sexy nerd

You know my favorite part,

about kissing slowly?

You can feel the urgency,

and the pure potency,

being emitted every second,

as our lips casually trespass,

easing slowly into a blissful oblivion.

You know my favorite part,

about kissing you?

I can feel your emotions,

seeping past your walls,

and tall towers others built,

and flowing into my head,

and heart.

You know my favorite part,

about being with you?

I can feel good,

and naughty,

and shy....

just because it's you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I told you I had three lines written

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- Just as many remember that tragic December of nineteen forty-one

So very well as innocence fell to the Rising of the Sun

So shall we allow us to reflect how we felt and thought and mourned

As each clock's ticks rang 8:46 - the time that terror was born -


(T. Beechey)

The loss we felt was cruelly dealt as if each had been our own

And they were indeed in the land where freedom rings a single tone

They were us and we were they,in every way their pain was ours

And within us all,upon each heart's wall,we'll forever bear the scars

The image is stained,forever ingrained,on the windows of our minds

The words to express are either too less or impossible to find

Each teardrop shed clearly said what couldn't,by mouth,be told

Upon each cheek,each voice to speak was as one --- young and old:

"We will stand united under candlelighted glow

"Looking straight into the eyes of any uprising foe

"Till each wrong is righted,the candlelighted glow remains

"As a beacon for salvation for a Nation which sustains"

They spoke of a Nation whose Declaration declared now and then

Equality and the right to be free for all women and men

When the smoke cleared,what perservered were strengths within us all

To become as one,second to none,shoulder-to-shoulder,standing tall

From city streets across fields of wheat,the call goes far and wide

If we're to endure,we must ensure our stances side-by-side

And from ocean shores up to the doors where you and I both stay

Arm-in-arm,we'll turn back harm in coming nights and days

And,as we move on,they shall live on in every thought and prayer

Each father,mother,sister,and brother and,unto each,I swear

There exists bonds that reach bryond,no boundaries anywhere lie

Reaching onward towards tomorrow,past the sorrow by and by

You shall forever be a part of America's heart and soul

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she died a year ago

her thirteen wishes in tow

her ten toenails painted pink

smile wide

teeth quite teenage:

coffee stains and frequent brushings

closed behind sewn lips

and burried

she awoke a week ago

those thirteen wishes aglow

like the headlamps on the road

carrion gold

a sickly yellow beam

then darkness, dirt, and distance

a plastic room

with no window

he remembered it a day ago

all thirteen wishes under snow

melted fast with whiskey floats

and instead

grassy meadows

feet bare, pink toenails polished

to prefection

then forgotten

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Please, see poem-pic, I created here:

and when page opens-enlarge pic w/tool in righthand bottom corner

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For the TOSP-The Official Soul Patrol

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A Soul Speaks...And Is Heard


"I want my voice heard." He so eloquently said-

With a shy little turn, of his silver-topped head.

"Because I have one."...He replied to the next queary.

And he made it on through, though one was leary.

He was different and raw, with a new soulful sound.

I knew right then, the next idol...was found.

They called him, 'That Old Guy'-'The one with the gray hair'

'The one who dances so funky, without a care!'

But many took notice and soon learned his name.

Now they said, "That Taylor Hicks...he's sure headed for fame!"

He delighted the crowds, with his own unique style.

They fell in love with his charm and his boyish smile.

When he took the stage, he all but owned the show.

As his fanbase, by the thousands, continued to grow.

He had the talent, he was so in control.

And now, he had many believers, in his Soul Patrol!

He graciously acknowledged them, with hearty shout-outs.

These people who stuck with him, without any doubts.

He moved, he inspired, he gave something old, yet so new.

Doing it all, his own way, and not what others said,  he should do.

With each passing week, he remained untouched and strong.

The millions who dialed his numbers, couldn't be wrong.

They knew he had something, so different and desired.

So far from the 'pop-scene' of which, so many had tired.

He excited, he enlivened, he gave it his all.

And each, 'deciding night', he remained, standing tall.

We knew what we wanted, and what we liked best.

For while others too, were good, he simply outshined the rest.

We bought his cds, that he'd done before.

We knew real talent when we heard it...and we wanted more!

He spoke with his eyes, he sang from his soul.

He reminded us, of another, they called, the King of Rock & Roll.

We'd heard his voice, like he'd so desired.

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Poem-pic for this one, can be seen here:

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