Sing on Soul Man...Sing On


Searching for something deeper-

Other than another 'pop-star clone,'

Up from the South, a new voice rose,

Leading us to a love, that's grown.

People said, 'He's too different'

American Idol still took a chance.

Taylor Hicks prooved he 'had it'-

Right down to his soulful dance!

Over the weeks, it grew and grew,

Like a musical tidal wave.

Taylor never missed a beat-

Always, he delieverd and gave.

You could say, that we knew it,

Loved him, from the very start.

Over and over we voted for him,

Right from our faithful hearts.

He has finally taken his place-

IDOL of two thousand and six.

Cheering him, we cried and laughed for the-

King of the 'New Soul', Taylor Hicks!!!

Sing on Soul Man...Sing On.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Taylor Hicks a GREAT person AND Musician!

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