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Our nations colors are always seen,

First of all for freedom’s cause.

Touching us, moving us with every scene,

In history never take a pause

Flag that led us through many wars,

Glorious stars and stripes, taking its toll.

In the end taking so much more,

Shedding heroes’ blood upon a shore

With colors bright it’s always there,

Symbolic cloth that our hearts adore.

With so much pride that we can wear,

And display with honor right by the door!

Glorious flag that makes us unite,

Filling us all with so much love.

Blessed One from the Mighty above,

Flying high in the wings of a dove!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


July 24,2009

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~ Michael Jackson~

(Modern Cinquain)




The King Of Pop

Lives on!

Dorian Petersen Potter

Aka Ladydp2000



Note from this author:

This is my humble poetry tribute, to Michael Jackson.

I am still in shock over his passing.It is very rough! I am griving a lot  because he's no

longer with us anymore.I just can't believe still that he's gone and had left us forever.It's so sad and tragic.This world for sure now is more of an emptier and colder place without him. He shall

be missed forever by millions of us all over the world.I love you Michael, and always will!

You'll live in my heart and my soul forever.And I'll never, ever, forget you. Now you're

singing and dancing in a better place, up in Heaven, where nothing can ever hurt you


R.I.P. Michael Jackson.


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Our Nation (The Imagi-Nation)

I don’t fear reality.

I relish in the sensation.

I am a citizen of the Imagi-Nation.

I don’t fear existence.

I live and know my station.

I am a fighter for the Imagi-Nation.

I don’t fear conformity.

It’s only your imitation.

I am an individual within the Imagi-Nation.

I don’t fear insanity.

Don’t need your medication.

I am a freak in the Imagi-Nation.

I don’t fear change.

It’s my only salvation.

I am an innovator in the Imagi-Nation.

I don’t fear simplicity.

In serene concentration.

I am a thinker in the Imagi-Nation.

I don’t fear truth.

It’s permanent abrasions.

I am a sadist in the Imagi-Nation.

I don’t fear lies.

Their piercing penetration.

I am stronger inside the Imagi-Nation.

I don’t fear you.

Or your empty-hearted invasion.

I am a soldier for the Imagi-Nation.

I don’t fear life.

It’s constant renovation.

I am the future of the Imagi-Nation.

I don’t fear fear.

Four letter laceration.

I am a dreamer in the Imagi-Nation.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Jeff and all the misfits of the world <3

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Box Full of Memories.

2009 Poems

There she sits with boxes full of old memories

And she goes through them one by one,

Remembering days gone by

We watch her as she reads all the letters

From family, friends and her soulmate

We watch as she smiles and laughs,

Even as she cries

She tells us stories about when she was a kid

and how her parents brought her up,

She explained all that she went through

Throughout her years

And the stories I remember most,

Are about her and my grandpa

Even though he passed on when I was so young,

Her stories make me wish that I would have known him longer

One day,

I’ll sit with boxes full of my old memories,

And go through them one by one

Remembering days gone by

and I will share those stories with my great grand-children,

and one day, they will do just the same

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To My Grandmother (Angel)

You were the one who captured my admiration

With patience you taught me how to handle life's temptations

In your eyes I could only see your innocense

All the pure essence of your heart was always filled with good intent

Whenever I felt left out or alone

You took me in, you gave me a home

You taught me many lessons I would need to survive

And inspired I now realize the things for which I must strive

In your presence I always felt your love and care

And when I faced problems you would always be there

To guide me and advise me with the likeness of a friend

But I had no idea how soon it all would end

You watched me grow from a child into a young man

With the hopes that the value of life I would one day understand

Bringing you family together, teaching them to gain strength from each other

You were loved by so many in our eyes there could be no other

You inspired us to have honor in God and in faith

And your prayers in the night helped us to make it through the day

You knew you were dying, you knew your time was near

But you wanted us to show no worry or have any fear

And because of my respect I gave all to take care of you

But you were in so much pain, the cancer had grew

You taught me many lessons, the last one was death

As I stood by your side as you took your last breath

You taught me that death, we can only accept

Your last words to me I will never forget

To be strong, my own man, not depend on someone else

My time with you was up

I must now care for myself

And my tears were wiped away

And might light began to surface

For I knew that I must shine

For I was a part of your purpose

Like an angel that guided me and helped to mold my life

You now give me hope through each day and through each night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My grandmother was everything to me. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever met on the inside and out. I have always been in Awe of her. It is because of her that I am a compassionate person. I took so much from here and I use it everyday. I love my grndmother and may she forever rest in peace.

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The Lady With A Mission(A Tribute To Mitchell Obama)

Like a colossus she appeared,

In number 10,Downing Street,

Majestically with the love of her life,

Her glamor charmed the streets of London.


Her magical smile, a magnet of attraction,

The palace stood still in awe,

In the presence of the lioness,

The delight of the Queens eyes.


Who yearned for more time,

Because she can't have enough of her,

Irresistible is the choice word,

That brought two together.  


The school girls yearned for more,

The Speech, the Tears and the Hug,

The French, the Czech, the Germans,

All Europe, longed for her steps in their soil.


Eleanor Roosevelt will be glad in her resting place,

Jacqueline Kennedy rejoices also,

A new face of America is born,

A new world order is here.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Coming to Europe(President Obama visits Europe.)

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Monet Exhibition

Paint glowing on canvas

in colours bright, pure,

brush strokes of a master.

I gazed enraptured,

lost in wonderment

of his hand's genius.

He stood proudly

amongst his contemporaries,

impressionist virtuoso,

capturing in vivid colour

single moments of nature's

shadow and light dance.

Prints can never show

depth and creativity

of this live showing.

Now, in mind replay,

I delight once again

in Monet's brilliance.

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Help is Possible(Letters to Franklin Roosevelt by Eleanor Roosevelt)

"I don't want freedom, i want marriage",

I want a life with you! she said.    

The voice of a lioness,

A rising rosebud among women.    


She stood behind Franklin,

In thick and thin.

Eleanor, a woman among women,

A bright shining star of her days.


Where are the Eleanor's of the 21st century?

Stand out now among women.

Your set time has come,

Arise and shine.      


Restore the dignity of womanhood,

Ignore your weaknesses,

Concentrate on your strength.

You are the Champion of a great generation,

Help is indeed possible.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A tribute to womanhood.

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Teach Me.

TITLE;TEACH ME.                                    


I am like a pilgrim in this beautiful planet,

Just like my grand parents who were here previously.

I am like a palm tree, with all it's abundance.

Teach me to number my days.      


I am like a little child, who bathes only the belly,

And forgets the other parts of the body.

Who strives to put his fingers in a burning flame,

With all it's dangers, teach me.                      


You are the source of everlasting life,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Birthday tribute to a friend.

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