President's Day

~President's Day~

(Rhyming couplets)

Today in the USA we honor two great men

They both did wonderful deeds for our country,Amen.

George Washington,is our founder father,

Lincoln abolished slavery 'mong brother.

These two great men had very good intentions,

They gave their all and meant to relieve tensions.

They both believed in their hearts what was best,

And fought for what was right and passed their test.

In my heart I do really admire these two great men,

They believed on something and acted on that back then.

History praise and sees them as heroes today,

They were great men, and get my respect in 'very way.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


February 17,2010

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~Roger Williams~

(Acrostic poem)

Roger Williams, his music is timelessly delightful.There's no

Other in the world like him.He started to play piano at age three.A

Graduated of I.S.U.Drake University,and Julliard School of Music.Performed at

Every major venue,Carnegie Hall,the Hollywood Bowl,and the White House.He's

Referred as the "Pianist for Presidents" because of his later performances.Roger

Williams was born, Louis Weertz,(October 1,1924) in Omaha,Nebraska,U.S.

In high school,became interested in boxing,but then returned to music

Later on,only after breaking his nose and other injuries many times.He

Later majored in piano,and then enrolled in the U.S.Navy,served in World II.

In 1955, he recorded "Autumn Leaves"and reached #1 on billboard music charts.

After that,he did,Born Free,Godfather,Romeo &Juliet,Evergreen and many

Many more.On October 29,2004,was inducted into the Nebraska Hall of Fame.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


February 28,2010

Author Note:

A dedication poem for the very wonderful and talented,

pianist,Roger William (Mr.Piano)

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~Glenn Miller~


G-len, your music is so wonderfully enchanting.

L-istening to your "Moonlight Serenade" makes me think of love so tender.

E-ndless joy, in my heart,your music brings to me always.His given

N-ame was,Alton Glenn Miller,born in Clarinda,Iowa,U.S.

N-otoriously,performed the trombone.His Glenn Miller Orchestra is divine!

M-usician arranger,composer,and great band leader in the swing era.

I-n The Mood",is onother one of my favorite music pieces of his to this day.

L-ittle Brown Jug" "American Patrol" "Tuxedo Junction" and so many more,his

L-egacy is filled of of so much dancing and romance under a moonlit and stars.

E-ntertaining the troops was something very close to his heart.Glenn Miller,

R-emains one of the most famous and recognizable names of the big band era.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


Feb 25,2010

Author's notes:

My humble poem tribute to one of the greatest and most

unique bandleaders of the big band era,Glenn Miller.

One of my very favorite band leader I personally

love and enjoy hearing the most.I listen to his music

for many years now.And I believe that theres no one like him,

his music can never be duplicated by anyone again.

His beautiful music just transcends time and space,to me


(Born March 1, 1904- Missing December 15,1944)

Years active 1923-1944

In 2003 Miller, received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

His plane dissapeared while flying over the English Channel.

His remains and that of his crew has never been found.

Miller's status is missing in action up to this date.

Long live the King of Swing!

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~Gene Kelly~


G- ene Kelly, YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL! Talented, witty and so

E- ntertaining and such a brilliant talented actor you were,

N- eedless to say, you were a great dancer as well,and I truly,

E- njoy watching each and all your movies when I do.

K- nown as a singer,choreographer,director and producer too,

E- ugene Curry Kelly, was his given name and much,

L- ater on,he received lifetime achievement awards.Thank you for all the

L-augher,fun,singin' and dancing, you've give us always, upon the screen.

Y-ou're truly great in "Singing in the Rain" Anchors Aweigh" and all the rest.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


February 25,2010

One of the many tribute poems,I've written for the

fabulous Gene Kelly.

(August 23,1912-February 2,1996)

R.I.P. Mr. Wonderful!


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Sonnet: Edgar



Today in history, great day you see

Not only we're celebrating MLK day,

But 'cause long ago in a day like today;

The great poet Edgar A.Poe was born too.

On a winter day to this world he came,

Both of his parents were actors,died young;

Born in Boston, great writer; poet became

He resided in England till few years sprung.

Attended university back home again,

For only a year he did it they claim

Edgar's drinking,gambling,has seized his brain

But back in Boston his first book, brought him fame.

His fame as an author and poet spread wide,

In old Baltimore,Edgar A. Poe, died.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


January 12,2010

Author Notes:

Pay attention here that "MLK" stands for Dr.Martin Luther King'day.

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Howl Revisited

     (for Allen Ginsberg)

I saw the best minds as

the stray dogs

of my generation,

wagging their fluffy tails,

howling apocalyptic

announcements in buses

and on subways trains,

in supermarkets and

colleges campuses--

barking about something

extremely important

like Kafka and busty blondes,

revealing the utter banality

of our ever collapsing

Western civilization,

reminiscent of some Goya

paintings, smudged with lipstick,

rouge, powders and mascara--

they were barking about

seasonal changes, orgasms,

and wars, presidential

elections, tampons and


caressing the pages with

full breasts, six pack bellies

and rising temperatures,

invoking revolutions,

erections and the first


they were smoking Zen pipes

and snorting powdered

guacamole, mixing French

parlance with tea sipping

haiku moments,

they were starting arsons

and putting out forest fires,

they were saving the Amazon

and subverted the morale

of plugged up toilets

of our inner social fabric,

humping away at the foundations

of the sociopolitical structure,

because you knew, and we all

knew, as surely as the Pope

shits in the woods,

that the breakthrough

begins by embracing the animal,

by stripping away

the absurd conventions of

the literary establishment,

and doing away with the moral

bankruptcy of the power elite--

so the poets barked naked

and howled into the crowds

in the bitter cold of winter

and the oppressive heat of


they walked out nude,

armed with toilet plungers,

manuscripts, wrenches,

and weapons of mass destruction,

engaging in acts of poetic

terrorism at airport poetry

readings, bypassing airport

security, exploding poetic

bombs in airplane restrooms,

getting drunk and picking

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MONA LISA (Rondelet)

~Mona Lisa~


That elusive smile

Has been around for very long.

That elusive smile

shows a lady that's fill'd of guile

Leonardo paint'd her,made her a song

She keeps her secrets all along

That elusive smile.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


January 7,2010

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love note to my young niece....

you are MY big baby since you are my heart

you've held my attention from the start

from caterpillar,to butterfly

it will soon be time to let you fly

but don't forget that in my eyes

young niece, you'll not ever need to disguise

or feel alone as you live and try

i am at your side by and by....

the woman you've become today

will grow and elevate in every way

but always know auntie has your back

with prayers to shield your life from lack

with a word to help pick up the slack

and ears to hold your secrets back

my butterfly may your beauty glow

reflecting love as you grow....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to my nieces, an ode to you!

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~Ode To Helen Steiner Rice~



Lovely lady,she shines

Ambass'dor of Sunshine

Daughter,sister and wife

Upliftin' poems she wrote

She persevered through strife

Lovely lady,she shines

She's famous poetess

Wrote verses of faith and hope

Her life was so very hard

She fought thru life to cope

Lovely lady,she shines

Verses sent from God 'bove

Love for God kept her strong

Thousands poems she wrote

Poems soothes my soul long

Lovely lady,she shines

In heaven she wears crown

She truly loved the Lord

Endured many set-backs

Her poems are just adored!

Dorian Petersen Potter

Aka ladydp2000


December 14,2009

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