Protect Yourself

2010 Poetry

The ace of hearts burns in my wrinkled hand,

as all the colored chips fall from my clutch.

The game doesn’t go always as you planned,

that is the trouble with wanting too much.

Greed will point you down the wrong lonely path,

causing you to desire more than you need.

Making you face the heat of someone’s wrath,

so listen to the essence of this creed.

Nothing in life ever comes too easy,

so if it does give it a second look.

Things shouldn’t always be light and breezy,

sometimes they tend to come with a hook.

Take your gifts wisely with eyes open wide,

you won’t suffer when you know someone lied.

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sanctus's picture

Great poem

Great poem

heatherburns35's picture

protect yourself

this poem is so for thought...

take your gifts wisely with eyes wide open

you wont suffer when you know someone lied..

I like those two lines...heather....nice

vilmazab's picture

A poem so true, so much lessons to be learned. Thanks for coming back Phil, or did you ever go?..