A Jam Donut for Dessert.

You nestle there apparently so coy,

Arousing like a slut the deep desire,

To have your sugar-dusted deep-fried joy,

The sight of which I wantonly admire.

With intimately glist’ning inner folds,

Come bless my moist’ning lips and then evoke

Involuntary groans as I withhold

My urge to cram you in until I choke.

Thou liest though, thou candy covered cake,

Thou canst not ever satisfy my ache,

As when I’m done you leave me craving sleep,

Your sticky wetness left behind feels cheap.

So in the end you’re no real use at all,

You innocent equivocating ball.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I greedily ate two jam donuts for desert last week and spent all afternoon feeling really dozy. In this condition i decided to write a sonnet about eating a donut. This and the sheep sonnet probably give a good insight into my sense of humour. I think this one probably makes best use of the sonnet form but i'm a bit of an amateur so ideas are welcome. Enjoy.

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Thank you and sorry

English poems

Thank you for loving me in many ways than one

For standing beside me when all else have gone far

For keeping me warm and bringing to me the sun

For guiding me through all the pains, you’re my north star

You were always there for me whenever I’m down

Always behind me everytime that I would turn

The only one who paints a smile over my frown

Never did you ask for anything in return

And for all the things that you’ve always done for me

I’ve but one to say, but one from my heart so deep

I intend not to hurt you, lest to set you free

It is not I you need, not I that you should keep

Thank you for loving me, but I will have to say

I’m sorry but I can’t love you in the same way

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Sulit naman ang kayod

Filipino poems

Gasino lang ang sahod sa trabaho ko

Sa umaga’y tulog, sa gabi ay gising

At kapag tinoyo pa ang aking amo

Obertaym pa ang dapat na ako’y himbing

Subalit ‘di makareklamo sa pagod

Dahil wala namang ibang magagawa

Ama’t ina, magisang nagtataguyod

Tatlong paslit, alaga, kana’t kaliwa

Sa umaga ay himbing, ama sa gabi

Sa hapon ay ina, may dagdag raket pa

Pagsulat, pagkanta, maging ang paghabi

Lahat para sa mga anak na sinta

At ang pantanggal ng pagod sa maghapon

Ay kanilang halik at ngiti na ipon

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English poems

Dim now is the road I used to pursue

Should I travel still or should I stay here?

But here is a place I know not a clue

I’d be trapped in this place if I don’t clear

So confused is my head and my heart not

But I’ve learned that my heart most often fails

Yet I know inside if I stay I’d rot

Thus again, one more time, my heart prevails

Take a step through the road, the only one

Not a choice in the world but this one road

Move on ‘til the time I become someone

Able to survive and carry my load

Through this road I’ll pass with heart beating fast

But I know upon me strength will be cast

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Embraces of memories

old poems

The look in your eyes, attracting my stare
The taste of your lips, so sugary sweet
And just the feeling of you being there
Please, one last time I wish that we could meet
Now we are here, lost in a sweet embrace
History is set, we cannot erase
Mountains, our destiny, our special place
Melting with ease around your perfect face
The world turning, but here we are frozen
As every thing stills in matchless harmony
You are my love, the one I have chosen
Time's up, we flee, our love a soft pony
It gallops off, left no more than sorrow
It may return, though I wish it tomorrow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

That's the last sonnet, I promise. For now anyway. :-p

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Sweet Sonnet-tude

old poems

His eyes glistened like stars in the night sky
Drawing me closer, I fall in his stride
With each breath of his, I smile and I sigh
Though I'd never admit, I'll keep my pride
He takes my hands, leads me through the shadow
He is the light that shines in the darkness
Soon we will follow our own paths, I know
The joy I feel now, I know I will miss
Love at first sight, I first didn't believe
Now I can see this can really be true
When I am gone, I'm sure I will grieve
I can't just move on and find someone new
But for this moment I'm with him alone
Plus, now I know the number for his phone!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of the three sonnets that were the result of my project...and a certain inspirational person ;-)

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old poems

The feel of the wind blowing through my hair
The smell of the water by the shore
The sound of your voice, and knowing you're there
The look in your eyes, pleading for more
I want to hold you and never let go
I need to see you, your eyes and your smile
I dream about you, the you that I know
I wish I could be with you a while
You were my strength that kept me going
You were my mind when I couldn't think
When my thoughts were lost, your voice was flowing
You held me up when I was on the brink
I long to hear you, your warm, soothing voice
But I shall not call you, that is my choice

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this two summers ago about a crush. Again, this came out instead of my English project!

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Hope Within Love

About  WHAT  had "Theocritus sung", I wonder?

The same as I?   And what music had HE heard?

"Inimitable tenderness" * I had read; am I so tender?

"Passion naturally, freely expressed"* Art's simplest word!

Old Theo (to ME obscure) SHE has read and translated!

"Old, Sweet Years" she knew, he knew; ( we'll know. )

Theo's words make her cry, Melancholia's quest unsated;

whether "Passed" excels "Shall Come", Time shall show.

A Shape behind me---(a Muse?)---I feel, not SEE.

"Bring You Love, or less, for me?" pleads my heart.

The silver threads unwind from sheaves of Memory,

as Star-dust blots the eyes, should tear-drops start.

coda:     A babbling brook laughs and sings without abate;

     its rock-troubled waters so swiftly move.

         The Life, the rocks...are Fate:

     the Music and the Voices...are our Love.

               *  John Dryden, critique

                          (1631 ~ 1700)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Searching for "Theocritus" will expand your poetic horizons.

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The Door

the door stands closed

but i walk through the uknown

i stand filled with pride

but in my heart im filled with dismay and regret

i have found the final resting place

peace is just a dream

the door is still open

but closed to my feet

i have chosen my path

but where in the fork of this road

my feet point one way

my heart another

i look up to see

the door lies behind me

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