Life Long Curse

2008 Poetry

Shattered glass there before my bloodshot eyes,

drunken memories hazy in my mind.

For years I’ve hid the problem with my lies,

thinking my friends and family had been blind.

Vodka burning down shriveling my soul,

my nose red and enlarged for all to see.

All my life the drinking has been my goal,

with many days blurred together from a spree.

Jobs lost while going off to have my fill,

not caring til I woke up and came to.

Then craving the need cause I had no will,

my liver going bad getting my due.

Finally separating from all those shleps,

I’m now sober embracing all twelve steps.

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2008 Poetry

Magnificent falls creating light mist,

buried deeply inside the forest land.

Acreage vast with vegetation grand,

people would think it by God was kissed.

Things are there we don’t fathom to exist,

marvels of nature through time they withstand.

Some of them just hanging on by a strand,

amazingly they all strive to resist.

They’re those who would cut and clear it all out,

leaving the forest to wither and die.

Causing the rains to dry up and drought,

requiring us all to stand up and shout.

Cannot let it go, must not say goodbye,

it’s something the planet can’t live without.

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Our Challenge

2008 Poetry

Our Challenge

Day breaks in its majestic brilliance,

spraying light to my visions four corners.

Showing the earth with all its resilience,

Trees, water and light with all their honors.

Rivers flowing slowly for miles on end,

hitting rapids so rough like life’s living.

Sights so vividly profound they transcend,

filling my heart so I feel like giving.

Mustn’t we think and then do what we can,

to preserve the world in infinite glory.

Thus keeping it pure as when it began,

being the keepers of its inventory.

Ours is the challenge of keeping it pure,

for our children’s children must be secure.

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Sonnet Sonnet

2008 Poetry

A new sonnet is born today,

created by the word.

Using sonnet for the scheme,

to make it sound supreme.

Running it down and up again,

is how it came about.

You’ll see it’s sleek I have no doubt,

Though it doesn’t syllablize to ten.

I think it flows like cream,

sounding like a dream.

A rhyme as yet unheard,

in a form that’s gone astray.

Then finished off in a way that’s standard,

showing that in someway I have pandered.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok I've stretched it here and made up my own sonnet scheme. I took the word sonnet and used the letters for the rhyme scheme running the word frontwards and then backwards. S-O-N-N-E-T-T-E-N-N-O-S with no standard meter and then finishing with the standard iambic pentameter or A-B-C-C / D-E-E-D / C-C-B-A / F-F. So I've called it "Sonnet Sonnet". At least it's not as vain as a "Carcione Sonnet"

Awarded Poetic Constellations

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Dance of the Ages

2008 Poetry

Glass figurines waltzing into the blue,

still loving the warm feel of each others arms.

Remember how it was walking in dew,

never tiring slightly of each others charms.

Many days have come and gone since we met,

though time has run together in the mist.

Running my fingers through your hair brunette,

this feeling now is like we first kissed.

Frail we may be in our bodies possessed,

however no regrets after what we’ve done.

Loving you as we face our final rest,

feeling like we have spun the wheel and won.

You are the one that I’ll crave forever,

desire for someone else I’ve had never.

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Saddened Youth

2008 Poetry

Innocence of youth with eyes open wide,

as her palms are held flat against her chest.

Happiness and love should not be denied,

as long as her heart beats beneath her breast.

Seeing miracles that life has to share,

and experience for many long years.

Hopefully without a start or a scare,

for we’re here to protect her from her fears.

Down turned lips flushed and laid upon her face,

golden skin turned deepened beneath the sun.

Standing there tall and lean with all her grace,

time has come for her to go have some fun.

Smiles brightly painted never ending,

are the wishes of which I am sending.

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Life’s Reflection

2008 Poetry

A quiet hush across the river’s shore,

haze filled air lying still upon the wind.

Beauty such as this makes my old heart pour,

with sad memories of all that I’ve sinned.

Thoughts of branches bare with empty being,

hard throughout my life to others weeping.

My soul darkened deeply never freeing,

never happy almost never leaping.

Penance on the surface of reflection,

as I bleed from memories held within.

This giving cause for a new direction,

for I have not been all I should have been.

Second chances blessed with hope and wisdom,

given me by the Lord of thy kingdom.

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It defies definition

What can a cover really reveal?

Should we believe what we see?

Should we forget what we feel?

There is a strange side of life,

That I taste too often.

Now my senses are so mixed up

I can trust nothing.

But why am I such a mystery?

I've explained where i've came from,

I don't understand where I'm supposed to be.

I'm not this,

I'm not that,

I defy definition,

I slipped through the cracks.

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Yea, thou cometh before me once too oft’.

For I am charged to cast thee in Bridewell.

Thy audience pleases with voice so soft;

Shall I divide the child to make all well?

Lest thou enamor me I have no choice,

'Tis not I but my throne has been defiled.

Whereby thy pleas cometh in soften voice,

And black begets white as mouths spew wild.

Thy ‘sblood in kine hast bid me prevalence;

The road to hell, paved with good intentions.

To wit; thou hast spake thy benevolence.

You seek the grace of my interventions,

Yet umbrage admits  to Gods’ lower world.

I shall thole thy thistles with love unfurled.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

English Sonnet

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