Spirit to Spirit

So many fine thoughts turn my spirit so.

Yet I do resist and yield to it yet.

Know that I give and all that I know.

Forget you? No, I shall never forget.

Left with my sandpaper dreams since you left.

Love lies in my spirit, for you my love.

Theft of your presence is not spirit theft.

Above all my dreams, I hold you above.

You now have returned, I knew it was you.

Waiting so long my heart was still waiting;

few have returned, yet you’re one of the few.

Aching for you as my soul was aching.

War takes so many; yet, you've beaten war.

Door of my spirit, come enter my door.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shadow Sonnet created by Amera M. Andersen may be written in any sonnet style. The Shadow takes place at the beginning and ending of each line as the words are identical or homophonic.
14 lines
9 or 10 syllables per line
Should have a volta or pivot
Iambic pentameter is not necessary

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Le bruit amplit la salle tandis que demeure

Sourde, ma charogne encloisonnée, solitaire,

Tel le phénix obscur; De mes cendres je meurs,

Recouvert d’un noir linceul rongé par les vers.

Les voix se taisent, la lune éclaire la nuit.

Le vide s’épand en moi. Le souffle coupé,

Je titube, chancelle parmi les esprits.

Sans forme ni consistance, je disparais.

Enivré d’une faiblesse jamais vécue,

Je ressens à présent le néant tant voulu,

Contracté par la morsure d’une vipère,

Dont l’acide venin, mortel et délétère

Me chasse à travers les espaces et le temps!

- Me voilà, carcasse vide aux traits nonchalants…

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I Pace The Stage - Sonnet After Spenser.


I loved him as a son, undaunted

By the taunts and rants of youth rebelling.

Viewing with pride, the proud boy, unbridled,

Tall, handsome, knowing, wrathful and loving.

No boy of mine, but all mine! Challenging,

Meeker souls to compete, live and love life.

All the long years without a plot, acting,

The role cast for us by fate and my wife.

No easy role, no learned lines, that’s life.

And in a flash his curtain fell, No bow.

No encore. No review. Cold endless grief!

The comedy a tragedy. And now?

I pace the stage and await the coming,

Of rising stars, and a happy ending?

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Description of a passenger

Well, I'm the shadow hidden behind your bloody inner wall

Invisible, for I'm the red-eyed demon trapped inside of you

The incarnation of your pain, your nightmares turning blue

I'm the one who cries when you see angels burn and fall

Kneeled down, and hidden in the shadows, longing for your very soul

I observe each of your moves, day after day, night after night

No need to run away, I will embrace you, take away your fright

Let yourself slip in, listen to the lullaby and let me take control

I am the fist of God, striking down whoever is standing in my way

I am your fall from power, washing away the spillage of your hatred

When darkness falls, I appear, looking and craving for my prey

I am the doomed stroke, rocking you slowly to deep heavenly sleep

Protecting you from evil, for you I'll sanctify all that is sacred

Never will I let you down, it's your love I hope to reap...

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Danse funèbre

Entends-tu cette musique, ô si belle et pure?

Telle la voix des anges louant ton réveil,

Remplissant de larmes les cieux et cette seille,

Qui enfin remplie, noiera les malheurs qui furent.

A l’instant même où nous valsons notre bonheur,

La lune éclaire tes yeux de jade brûlants

Et sa sonate ample d’une telle passion,

S’ébouillante mortellement à notre ardeur…

Une douleur cuisante soudain me pénètre

M’arrachant un hurlement de douleur sanglant

Ô Nefertari, pourquoi telle trahison ?!

Vipère, maudit soit le mal que tu perpètres !

Je meurs, la musique s’efface lentement,

La fleur noire en moi plantée fane à l’unisson…

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~Sonnet – Books~

(English sonnet)

I’ve always been so fascinated by books,

And since a child they have called me.

They contain magic no matter how they look.

In pursuit of knowledge they hold the key.

Books can be found-well- just about anywhere,

And we don’t have to go lookin’ far away.

Some are ordinary ones and some are rare!

Some give us wisdom and some take away!

Books may come in all kind of shapes and form,

But never be fooled by its cover, my friend!

There’s so much to be learnt from a single book,

Just read one and put it to good intend!

There are many good books but some are bad;

And some great ones, can make hearts warm and glad!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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~Sonnet: Can you tell me why?~

(English sonnet)

Can you tell me why? Babies everywhere die?

Can you tell me why? This world feeds from hate?

Can you tell me why? We all have to cry?

Can you tell me why? Some can’t find a mate?

Can you tell me why? Sorrow conquers laughter?

Can you tell me why? Some kids are unloved?

Can you tell me why? Men just riches chases after?

Can you tell me why? Some valued no beloved?

Can you tell me why? God most men reject?

Can you tell me why? Sin springs like water?

Can you tell me why? Most lives are wrecked?

Can you tell me why? There’s so much slaughter?

Why? Why? Well, only God knows exactly why?

But sin and lack of love makes this world cry!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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Sonnet:My Sonnet

(Blank sonnet)

For years I’ve wondered, struggled in awe,

How to write a sonnet and do it right.

A sonnet isn’t just a fourteen line poem,

And it’s not just verses flown in for a whim.

A sonnet let me tell you, isn’t that simple,

But could be, if we learn to do it right.

If I research and follow all its rules

I’ll do it right, and try to write some more.

‘Cause a sonnet isn’t just another little poem,

That we write on 14 lines and in any style.

No, a sonnet is never done in a whim;

A sonnet is: this above, and then more-

A sonnet is not just a poem, but a song!

I can make it rhymed and also make it blank!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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~Sonnet:The Realities Of Life (1)~

(English sonnet)

The realities of life are so bleak

Sometimes, as sun goes up till goes down!

And you do your best as you hear its clock

Even when life’s pages make us look all like clown!

We have to face present and tomorrows

No way to avoid this when we’re living,

‘Tis laws of life, happiness vs. sorrows!

And have to ‘ccept the bad with the blessings!

There’s evil but thank God exists goodness

Life goes on no matter what we decide

Let’s be grateful for today is a bless

And remember to smile even if you’ve cried!

Life can knock us on the head hard at times

But never quit life! Life can be sweet& sublime!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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