Candle Light

The light glows from off m desk

The illuminated room unlike the rest

As I sit in m humble nest

     The candle burns and it slowly drips

But it is not the candle that facsinates me

But the part that's been handed from my family

The hand crafted holder with its simplicity

     Made from a fine wood oof just one strip

From my Grandpa's abode

Living along the country road

He worked for no one he owed

     Only giving, and for his great legacy

He left behind all his things

So future generations could bring,

This work of art after his passing

      And for a monuement in the family

Now as I enjoy the light so deep

It helps me at night to go to sleep

It makes me proud to have the holder to keep

      As I was handed the gift I smiled

So when I'm older, I can tell the tale

My Grandpa's thought and work to hail

As for the tradition, I will not fail

      I will give the candle holders to my child

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In 11th grade I had to make a poem of some object that had sentimental value to me as part of my final exam. I made it after these candle holders I made in 8th grade, and just made up the whole part about my Grandpa etc. So basically it's a true story but I had to follow this rhyme scheme too.

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