Under Teens


Ice creams, chocolate, nuts, chips, cold drinks

Sure is tastier than monotonous homemade

Fish, rice, lentil, veggies-

Dig in mom's bag

Dress in pink, wear lipstick her

Scarf and hairclips-

Non-stop T.V. cartoons,

Cut paper with scissors into bits,

Make weird shapes.

Enjoy P.T. in school, and games

Tell tales numerous

Thus, avoid canes to save face.

Crosswords, computer paintings,

Quarrel now and then with classmates

Over rubber, pen and pencils-

Chat at school gate

Choose, school bus last seats

Noisy karaoke sessions win in competitions.

Buy colourful displays

Crepe papers, adventure stories; all these

Prefer more than maths, exams, and tedious studies.

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Baby Rani's picture

As much as I love ice cream, a life without dal & rice just wouldn't do. :)