High School

High school sometimes feels like a jail

The walls so cold so lonely

The windows so small so pail

The halls so crowded yet so empty

Among the fields of faces I am in solitude

High school

The instrument of a higher education

Crafted so unemotionally

Caged in small classrooms

Made to act so socially

Forced in to literature or computations

The thought of tomorrow being the same so clear

My mind, my only strong-hold against the desolation

But somewhere my it's saying the only way out is death or graduation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

uh had to write something for school so decided to write it about school

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Nicole Mcwhorter's picture

that was really good, wat did ur teachers say about it?

Jillian Camtasia Carver's picture

You know how paren'ts always ask "How was school?" ... Schools like a drvie by shooting.. who gives a damn how it is.. Im lucky to get out alive...

I know what you mean about the jail part.. I feel like im enprisoined... I plan on putting this in my locker when school starts again... is that ok?

Liberty Bell's picture

GRADUATION!!! i can't wait... good poem hun!