What did I leave behind?


What did I leave behind?

There's a certain fear growing in my mind

I can't help thinking there's something missing

I think I've got the picture of us kissing...

What did I leave behind?

Did I leave behind a piece of my mind?

A piece of my heart, my body, my soul?

I put it in the fire to burn with the coal

I can't leave behind this wonderful place

All the pictures of your lovely face

They drift through my mind as I fall asleep

And then I wake screaming and I start to weep

I wish this day had never come

My heart's own beating is my drum

Waging war on my empty dorm

My college life is not the norm

Author's Notes/Comments: 

9-16-03...MY BIRTHDAY!!

Don't know WHERE this came from..o.O

Sheesh, I'm nowhere near college..Well, not really.

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