Behind the Guitar

Behind the guitar

I feel like I am a god,

When I perform I like to make things sound

Like they are,

But when I mess up I feel really odd,

And my head feels about a million pounds.

I have a band

But we need to practice more

On my own time I practice all the time

I made my own song called "Sand"

It is my favorite one for,

Through the whole song it rhymes

I fell the rhythm flowing through me,

And feel great because I know it sounds cool,

Just knowing what to do makes me look good

And makes me think why play for people for free?

When people make fun of me I play to soothe,

My emotions and not feel like a dud.

Behind the guitar

It can help me in any kind of mood,

Whether I am happy or sad,

I never feel far,

It helps my angry attitude,

Especially when I get mad

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Made in 8th grade, the year I got my guitar. My band then was pretty bad, because I sucked at guitar then, and I don't even think we had a bassist. If I could remember the words to that song "Sand" I wrote, I would defenitely post them up because I know it was pretty stupid and funny, but oh well.

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