When you wake up do you think of the weather

Whether or not it is raining or snowing

Whether or not it is sunny or foggy

When you wake up do you think of the weather

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The Evening

I remember on a rainy,
September night, I was happy
Excited and weighted down
With the engagement ring.
Fall. I went to go pick
Her up, feeling my heart
Beat even faster as I take
Every step.
Her apartment lights were
As bright as the sun, and
I called her down to the lobby.
As she stepped out of the
Elevator, I tried to shake off
My shock. She wore a dress
That was as dark as the night
But her smile was bright.
We arrived at the fancy restaurant
With a friend's help, the night had
Become perfect, with a dash of wine,
I became too drunk. She offered
Me to stay at her place, the perfect
Time to propose.
We drove through the murky night.
Against the unforgiving rain, until
A fully grown buck appeared out
Of nowhere, striking my future
Wife with fear. She swerved and
Crashed into a tree.
I sadly sit here, wishing I never
Lied about being drunk, as I
Hold the ring.

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