Hidden Heart

Been so lonely so long

and fate has been cruel.

Love faded away like mist

on a sunny day.

A heart that is still and like stone

A mind that is restless and alone

Golden silence when I should speak

Madness in my soul making me weak

Happiness a dream once imagined

Happiness will never happen

A longing which has ten times wrought

pain and loneliness which was never sought

A wanderer wanders, through day and night

looking for a dream that would make sense

A love hidden & buried deep within.

The heart lies trance-like and dormant in the dark,

dark as times past and present,

blind, isolated, and imprisoned, deep, deep, deep,

within many layers of feelings and confusions, numb

from life and no solutions, no time, no peace of mind

been lonely so long.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote the poem about loneliness, about unsure
futures, and sadness of life.
I wrote it late last night

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Heather Busby's picture

I very much enjoyed this poem, I guess because I relate to it so well. I really like your work. Keep writing.

Barbara Cripe's picture

I really feel this one.....I know this feeling....good way to write it...I can never write how I feel too well....only what I dont feel sometimes unless it is sad....good work feel free to take a look at mine

serene's picture

Such an intense show of emotion. This is a nice poem about loneliness and the deep sadness of the heart. You very well delivered it in such a poignant manner ^_^.