Thoughts of a Kid

He looked at the laser

Lingering on a thought,

Though this cuts the material

Might it also cut my finger.

For if it did would it hurt?

Horribly or just somewhat?

He was thinking of ending

Evermore his life for sure.

Shopping for an easy way

Where he would not feel a thing>

Terrible that at his young age

Awful thoughts occupy his mind.

May his life get much better

Before we have to help him to

The awaiting ambulance in the parking lot.

Loud siren sounding the emergency

Effects of a mispent youths life

Lasted only a few years.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was written after watching a guy that i work with....

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee What a sad and chilling poem... and I still have my own children to raise... pretty scary, hey? Thanks for sharing Roz

pudnsis1's picture

Another great emotion brought to the surface. I have dealt with many a child that near and/or succeeded. Sad to see such a large number of losses in young people. You have absorbed me into this world of his. Linda

Jillian Ketterer's picture

Hi Renee', you don't really know me but hey! I'm here to critique your poem so does it matter??!?! Just teasing. Anyway, moving right along... This poem shows extreme insight and empathy, and a use of words that can only come from someone that truly understands the kind of pain the boy was feeling. At least that's my opinion. I'm really impressed, because many poets (myself included) have no problem expressing what they themselves are feeling, but when it comes to others they are at a loss for words. Great job and keep up the good work! Jill

Anonymous's picture

i am glad that you were touched.... you being the WORD MAN..... that means alot.... this youth in this poem is very troubled and they is just nothing that anyone can do to help him.... what a shame....

mel's picture

how sad/...for young lives to be wasted away like that. I wonder how i would have felt....if i was there witnessing it. TOUching.