The Soldier



Life behind bars

Just for what he stands for

Because he loves his country

And fought for her safety

Just to come back

For them to hate

He risked his life for them

But do they care?

No, they call him a reprobate


A weapon

Nothing more than an item


He tries to walk away

On what’s left of his legs

Sacrificed for his murderers

Given for them

There goes my hero

Watch him as he falls

See the tears roll from his eyes

As he keeps living

As he keeps fighting

For what is right

As he keeps hoping

That death comes swiftly

A man who fought for his country

To find he wasn’t part of it.

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Soldier Suicides

I caught the end of a talk show last night and a Rep was talking about the rise in the number of suicides by soldiers returning from war. (Just me thinking again, but) if the newscasts were full of the faces of men and women going to prisonn for 20 years for wrecking the economy and how much they are forced to return to the shareholders who lost millions, the soldiers might feel better and so might we. Nice poem ~~A~~