love poems

One And Two

There was one

He loved me so

He loved me more than I could ever know


But he lied and cheated and just berated

He swore and he fought it but the truth has paid


Then there was two

Sweet funny and kind

Maybe a bad influence

But I wasn't blind

He moved so far, far far away

I begged him "please please stay"


We tried to stay close and together

but somethings just don't last forever

We said in the summer we would meet again

We said of course we would still be friends


But things change and people lie

I am now stronger and I know why

It was all because of one and two

It was all because of the experience I went through


So thank you one

And thank you two

You helped me so

And I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one of my most beautiful true love quotes and saying for him.

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Untitled Love Poem

Our photos are dreams and poems – images of love

Focusing through soft light we are Mylar moments

Hoping for dawn – we dance in the stars after dusk


Tango – in the midnight ballroom of our procession

Planting our toes in stars – growing dreams in binary

Stripped bare – we are planetary – bodies in tandem


Heavenly silhouettes flowing forth from pages to be

Where wild winds whisper their sycamore secrets

And the western mountain trails are long and free


For what language is written that defines a horizon?

What delicate wings will take us there – what words?

Shall we grow guide feathers – or become zephyrean?


Sailing in and out of frames – through cameo pictures  

Across oceans – wanderlusting for the silver line of the sky

upon paintings of things to be – memories of our future


Traversing the Villanelles of night into Terza Rima days

Our eyes aperture to photograph the effigy of our hearts

These memories become the scrapbook – of love’s ways


Of dreams and poems – of moments

That we hold and hold tight

Until tomorrow is here again


Author's Notes/Comments: 

except the last stanza, this poem is a Terza Rima about love - a very traditional content. 

Craving Your Touch

When days go by and I don't get any of that magic stick
I start to feel just a little bit sick
For you to leave my sheets clean
Borders on unthinkably mean
Once a week used to be enough for me
But after I met you, I started craving your touch constantly
Your lips on my neck
Your tounge wondering below deck
The thrill of your thrust
Quickly becoming a pleaseurable must
Didn't you know that this milk was a package deal, along with the cow,
Great news, huh, wow



H-oney sweet you are to me
The things you do and the things you say
I have no idea that these are your weapon
You stole my heart, charmed me and poisoned.

U-nder your spell, I am now
I don't know when I'm gonna find way to escape
My expression about this is "wow"!
You're the sweetest girl I've ever met


S-o sweet is my baby girl
Back then, I really want that I'm the first one to tell
She's the first one who admit the thing we feel
But I don't get turned off on her
It's my heart who wants her that's all that matter.


H-umming here and there is what I'm doing
All the love song that I heard that I want to sing
Especially Jai Ho song, I go Loco
Baby girl Te Amo muchas tanto¦


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a short poem in acronym HUSH...when I was crazy in love.

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I tried not to think about the moment


The moment that I’ll see you leaving


Leaving me, but we have love that is present


Hope our heart won’t change its beating.




Beating with rhythm


Of some sweet melody


It’s singing your name


So full of energy




It keeps me wonder if only


If only, you could bring my heart with you


And give it back to me when you return, baby


Our disconnected love we will continue.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written here in Taiwan...when I left my country and someone special to follow my dreams...

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Silva sonnet

I long to watch you sleeping,
I want a note on the door that says 'we're not in',
I want you to tell me you're feeling,
A reflection of yourself in,
My eyes that do adore,
Your very special being,
Meteor in my dreaming,
And the cold night it passes,
Till galloping horses chariot the sun,
And comes streaming,
Through endless mirrors of dizzy days,
And peace transcends,
Until again the moon rises,
And I long to watch you sleeping...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In honour of silva inspired by love......

This Is How Much I Love You

My Boo

I love you more than I love my life!

I love you 5 hundred times more
than the number of birds in the world!

I love you more than I love ice cream!

I love you 5 thousand times more
than all the number of fish in the sea!

 I love you more than cats love catnip!

I love you 5 million times more
than the number of dogs in the world!

I love you more than I've ever loved anyone!

I love you 5 billion times more
than the number of cats in the world!

I love you more than you'll ever know!

I love you 5 trillion times more
than the number of stars in the night sky!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in just a few minutes, but the meaning of it will be alive forever!

Idk, I hope you like it! Please let me know!

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Every Time I See You


Every time I see you,
I get a funny feeling,
deep inside my tummy.

Every time I see your face,
I find myself checking to see,
if I look okay.

Every time I see your body,
I feel a deep flush,
spreading across my face.

Every time I hear your voice,
I look around and
I try to find you.

Every time I see you,
something inside me
starts tingling.

Every time I see you,
I realize that I
really have it bad for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something I wrote January 24th, 2012 when postpoems was down.

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Stand in The Rain With Me


I want to stand in the rain with you,
will you come stand in the rain, feeling new?

I want to let all my love show,
cause I want you to know.

Will you come stand with me,
out in the rain, baby?

Standing close together,
foreheads against one another's.

I want us to be together,
letting our love show, forever.

I need someone to love me,
will you be the one, baby?

Will you come stand in the rain with me?
Make it so it not just me, but we?

Will you kiss me in the rain?
Take away all my pain?

Will you tell me that you know,
how I want some one as my beau.

Will you come stand in the rain with me?
Telling me that you'll never flee?

Will you let your feelings show?
Listen to me and never go?

I want to stand in the rain with you,
will you come stand in the rain, feeling new?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about a guy I think I like, but have no clue whether he likes me back.

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