true love quotes

One And Two

There was one

He loved me so

He loved me more than I could ever know


But he lied and cheated and just berated

He swore and he fought it but the truth has paid


Then there was two

Sweet funny and kind

Maybe a bad influence

But I wasn't blind

He moved so far, far far away

I begged him "please please stay"


We tried to stay close and together

but somethings just don't last forever

We said in the summer we would meet again

We said of course we would still be friends


But things change and people lie

I am now stronger and I know why

It was all because of one and two

It was all because of the experience I went through


So thank you one

And thank you two

You helped me so

And I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one of my most beautiful true love quotes and saying for him.

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Only You

Only you on my mind every hour of the day

I think of you when I dream it's as sweet as a baby sleeping 

It's only you I feel flowing in my veins 

I wake up wishing it was you I wake up to every morning 


But it's just a empty cold side of my bed that's been untouched 

It's you that I see when I daydream 

I wish and pray you can be here with me to hug me at night 

God made you just for me to love you 


I can see your Spirit it's beautiful and loving it true 

Your love is bright it shines more than the sun and stars in the sky 

I can see threw your defenses I found the real you

Only you make my heart beat the way it does 

I feel like a little school girl 


I love seeing you smile I can't help but show my dimples 

When you laugh I feel like turning red as a rose 

Only you can make my eyes twinkle with love and happiness 

I love it when your there for me when I need a helping hand 


Only you understand me for me and my reasons for things 

I like it when you stay up late with me 

I love it when you make me feel like the most beautiful girl alive 

I'm grateful god brought you to me 


I just want you to know only you I love 

And only you are my first true love now and forever. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one my latest true love quotes for him. I've been doing this for quite a while so make sure you leave a comment and rate my work.