H-oney sweet you are to me
The things you do and the things you say
I have no idea that these are your weapon
You stole my heart, charmed me and poisoned.

U-nder your spell, I am now
I don't know when I'm gonna find way to escape
My expression about this is "wow"!
You're the sweetest girl I've ever met


S-o sweet is my baby girl
Back then, I really want that I'm the first one to tell
She's the first one who admit the thing we feel
But I don't get turned off on her
It's my heart who wants her that's all that matter.


H-umming here and there is what I'm doing
All the love song that I heard that I want to sing
Especially Jai Ho song, I go Loco
Baby girl Te Amo muchas tanto¦


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a short poem in acronym HUSH...when I was crazy in love.

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