Erotic Poetry

Desire With In


  Oh how I long to hold you. It seem like its been for ever since I was able to embrace your beautiful body in my arms. To see the curves of your body glisten in the moon light. As your lips softly caress mine. Oh how I hunger for when our bodies become one as our passion unites. There is nothing more enchanting to me then the touch of your hand as it caresses my skin. As your eyes scream you need me. Slowly as I begin my descent, kissing every inch of your curves as my tongue explores attentively over your left nipple. As the smell of your aroma excites me. My hunger grows. As I patiently take my time to tease you, heading closer to the treasure below. I can feel your body begin to quiver from the anticipation that awaits. My hand begins to caress your left thigh ever so sightly touching what lies in between. I gaze up to look into your eyes. Softly whispering you're truly the most beautiful sight that I've ever seen... I love you. Then after one final kiss I dive deep in treasure below, slowly but firmly running my tongue across the rose petal that awaits. To find your sweet and delightful taste of honey dew pouring out across my pallet. Making me hunger for so much more.Now with my fingers in play the juices flow harder as the waterfall begins. I'm patiently trying to keep your legs open as your body moves with every touch. Your moans are louder then ever. I pull you even closer... Whispering you're not done yet.. I`ve only just begun.

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In her valley he walk down the paths

Open the two doors n walk down

Valley of the river da valley of home

The valley of two sweater

Da play ground of joy 

Nature knows it all 

Here comes a stream rolling down

In her valley! in her valley!!

He walks through n swim home.


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Craving Your Touch

When days go by and I don't get any of that magic stick
I start to feel just a little bit sick
For you to leave my sheets clean
Borders on unthinkably mean
Once a week used to be enough for me
But after I met you, I started craving your touch constantly
Your lips on my neck
Your tounge wondering below deck
The thrill of your thrust
Quickly becoming a pleaseurable must
Didn't you know that this milk was a package deal, along with the cow,
Great news, huh, wow

Fabulous Feet- Deja Vu

On a warm and sunny day
A beautiful woman walked my way
In spite of the summer heat
I could not keep my eyes off her feet
Those nicely painted toes caught my eye
As they were painted like the sun lit sky
So shiny, smooth, and bright
I could not get them out of my sight
She walked over and said with a smile
Would you go with me for awhile?
I stood right up to my feet
Held her hand as we did greet
She led me to her place of rest
This day so far was the best
We walked in through the door
She asked me if I wanted more
With a grin upon my face
Said lead me to the special place
To the couch we walked with ease
As my mind raced with ways to please
She washed her feet then sat by me
Pleasure she desired as I could see
She laid down as I took her foot in my hand
She moaned as I sucked,  it was so grand
Her other foot rubbed my cock
As I sucked her hips did rock
My hands slid down her thighs
She let out seductive sighs
My cock was hard and she was wet
How much better would this get?
My fingers traced along her lips
More and more she rocked her hips
Up and down her foot rubbed my cock
Then all of a sudden I was in shock
A horn sounded loud and I was awaken
Then a bus pulled up & my bench started shakin'
Startled by the driver as he opened the door
It was only a dream and I wanted much more
I got on the bus and walked down the aisle
This head lifted up, looked at me and smiled
It’s like we had met some time before
She looked like the lady who wanted more
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Tongue & Body Meet

Whip cream trails what a sight
Indulging in pleasure what a delight
Up your thigh and to your chest
When it comes to pleasure it is the best
Each nipple covered with a strawberry top
You hear her begin to moan, so you dare not stop
A trail so sweet leads down to below
Savor the flavor so take your time keep it slow
The feel of soft skin as your tongue does taste
Pausing frequently to suck it up so there is no waste
Your navel is so soft as my tongue explores around
We are getting lost in the moment, and soon will leave the ground
The pleasure heightens as our hearts begin to race
This is pure delight and such a lovely place
Chills run up your spine as my fingers trace your thighs
You cannot contain the joy so you let out sexy sighs
The firmness of the tongue as it presses in your lips
Causes your muscles to flex and lift your amazing hips
Brushing up against your clit as the fruit is lifted out
The texture of a tongue causes a joyful shout
You beg for more of it, as your desire it to explore
Around your clit and lips you simply just want more
The flavor of your juices, mixed with berries and cream
Causes the tongue to move faster as you begin to scream
Fingers now press between your lips and you know you cannot last
You scream out louder as you desire to be fucked real fast
You cannot help but touch your erect nipples on your breast
The pleasure peeks as I can see by your rapid moving chest
Tilting back your head as you bite down on your lip
Body shaking as it reaches the end of this orgasmic trip
Your lips so swollen and pussy so wet
The feel of that firm tongue as the last drops it does get
Now your body relaxes as it comes back to the ground
Your breathing began to ease up as you cannot make a sound
The feeling of your body as it rested so peaceful in bed
Visions of the pleasure experienced occupy your head
A wonderful time is shared when a tongue and body meet
Strawberries and whip cream make it more of treat
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African Woman


African Woman


She moved through time adorned proud

as a Nubian Princess, more delicately prized

than porcelain cups filled with spiced, Angolan

coffee. Mesmerizing chestnut elegance, intensity

that could have captured Tutankhamen by crushing

any man’s supremacy when riding his royal chariot,

subjecting every surviving wonder in the ancient 

world to the majestic, glorious reign befitting

the superior grace of a superb ebony queen.


Tall as a Masai warrior, astonishingly long

postured legs, smooth like craftsman polished,

chalcedony onyx, supple as richly applied lanolin

to freshly bathed, chocolate skin. Commanding hair

naturally colored raven – soft as sable chinchilla,

crowning her head as it were the naughty black

empress of a color laden Atlantis. A tan sex paradise

with her body angelically revealing beneath fiery

lingerie, having its own erotic love stories to tell.


Eyes were the envy of sweet cream splashed

with Sarsaparilla. A glowing resemblance to oculars

from a panther looking into radiant moonbeams;

luring as a beckoning lighthouse guiding men

gone months with only masturbation to gentle

comforts of her open shores. As if still sailing

the rousing intensity of a tumultuous storm, you

dare not jump from the wakes of her cradling thighs

until the lustful ride comes to a complete stop.


The palms of her hands seemed sun blanched

into perfect shore biscuits. Silver dollar seductions –

elegantly chic, timeless as the pyramid value jewels

that garnished her sleek, mocha-colored fingers,

as I became helplessly seduced by a carnal women

more worthy than gleam from her ivory teeth;

radiantly seething whenever she smiled. Pink-lush

lips provocative as strawberry wine hosting a stellar

bare-skin evening, dark as our forbidden romance.


I would dare not label her a vixen, coupled with

being much too vogue and glamorous to be called

a brunette pussy cat. Still, the fluff of her natural

beauty was overwhelming, a nude man’s intimate

acquiescence to a hard fatal attraction, until falling

quick like a drunken Caucasian. Seduced russet-

breast crazy by the Lorelei of a siren’s song; offering

one more teasing gallop, but no amnesty … for

the slave trading conduct of my racist ancestors.


Thus, in a simmering moment I fell helplessly

bound to the magical fertility of a sensual, bronzed

lady. A glowing brown female turning barren desert

into a flowering oasis, complete with hot springs,

orchids, pomegranates and waterfall. Kissing me

without shame or doubt, frolicking stark naked to

reggae music between satin sheets, demonstrating  

nothing said or done, can ever, honestly compare

to making love … with an African woman.



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Hokus Strokus

Call me the magician pulling rabbits out my hat,
the 13th Friday Jason Voorhees stabbin at your cat,
true hocus strokus power when I use my magic wand,
when upbeat melodies are sprinkled to a sadder song.

These oral capabilities that tangle with the gods,
just wrap your legs around my love of flesh and made as hard,
as concrete in the city jungle, let me splash and rain,
with multiplistic pleasures only you will ascertain.

The body of a goddess hottest motions we'll divide,
and feelings warmer than the hottest ocean when inside,
your core of molten lava java with a drop of milk,
your nectar sweet as sugar woman, not a drop I'd spill.

While swimming in the heavens you and I collide as one,
the brownest colors sparkle when your eyes align the sun,
for I'm your Mr. Wizard but our show aint for TV,
it's not for K-I-Ds the grown and onlyest is we.

I know that you are captivated by my strokus spell,
your chances of escape are like a snowball's chance in hell,
your cool demeanor melts so fast into a running stream,
my tongue will lap your essence up, a vivid stunning dream.

The ghetto Harry Potter but I will not make a flick,
you're dealing with The Cunning Linguist, lemme take a lick,
then afterwhich I'll stamp you like an envelope in jail,
the magic spells I cast will do much more than open mail.

In fact extinguish all the lights, upon your walls I'll write,
graffiti in Tahiti, we will bounce and ball all night,
because I'm a magician known for tricks and slight of hand,
with mentalist illusion yes I am the rightest man.

Before I end this baby I will get down on my knee,
and pledge undying love to you for all the years I breathe,
it's more than just the magic of the stroke that drives you wild,
don't ask me how I do it, it's that hokus strokus style.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My coworker and I are both of the creative sort, and everyday we bounce different ideas and terminology off of each other just to see what'll stick. One of the phrases we tossed around was 'hokus strokus'. I took it and penned this effort as a dedication to my ex, attempting to present a different kind of love poem to her

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Can I Be Your Freak?

Can I lick a sweet whipped topping from your crevice slow?
And I mean excavating your entire crevice hole,
it might feel weird at first but just lay back, don't be afraid,
it may feel like you have to pee, that means I could get sprayed,

with juices of arrival I don't mind it not one bit,
in fact if you don't squirt then I don't mind if hot cum drips,
or oozes aint no losers in the plans I seek to meet,
so let me ask you one thing baby, can I be your freak?

You see I surely wonder if I may can fill the role,
of shooting guard on any given night I'd fill the hole,
with 3-point shots and alley oops but I don't dish assists,
I'd grab the board and stuff it home when dishing you this dick.

The candles burn for hours to the plate the wax is soft,
no need for any dressing but your salad I will toss,
if what I'm saying bothers you then tell me to get lost,
cause otherwise the only thing I'm gettin you is off I'm askin....

Can I cum inside of you? We'll watch it leaking out,
no shame's my claim to fame your man will kneel and eat it out,
then tongue you down cause honestly I just don't give a fuck, there's no part of body that my mouth won't lick or suck.

My word to you is bond that's straight one hunnit guaranteed,
I know just what you need cause darlin I'm that man indeed,
so think and answer truthfully don't dance around for weeks,
I gotta know so tell me baby, can I, be your freak?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This effort verbalizes the question that most men would love to ask a woman.

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Sex Scenario: Heat

I woke up in the AM with a smile stuck to my face, excitement of the subconscience, you're coming to my place,
we haven't seen each other in uhm, 3 to 6 long weeks, the weatherman predicts this day as sticky thick on heat.

The index may just see a yard before it's 10 o'clock, and humid like the depths of Hades, baby swimmin hot,
until bout 12 o'clock that's midnight, things like this remain, but even that won't keep me from positoning your frame.

It's been a while for both of us to think or reminisce, on top of that the central air AND sink are on the fritz,
a visit from your sis prohibits your house as the stage, so one way or the other, both of us are gonna blaze,

the essence of our bodies while we do what grownups do, I get my cleanup on with knowledge you'll show up at 2,
and when I see you standing there I'm so in love with you, emotions overwhelm me but I know just what to do.

The air is very stuffy with the windows open wide, I ask if you'd prefer to go outside and take a ride,
the look that's in your eyes reflect a lustful state of mind, our mouths embrace and finds our tongues have claimed a place inside.

The heat resigns the both of us to take off all our clothes, I kiss away a bead of sweat that slow rolls down your nose,
the bed seems like a million miles away so down we go, to roll around the floor but yo, the carpet's clean fa sho.

It feels as though the Devil sits and watches in the flesh, our torsos are contorted and severely washed in sweat,
which we don't mind a bit, the loving sets our mind adrift, like ocean liner ships we sail a sea of finer bliss.

The heat is now titanic, feels like sandwich meat we breathe, you stand me up with ease to then descend like night degrees,
you see, me being me, can't let you do it all this time, increased oppressive heat recipric'lly we 6 this 9.

To dine this way is something like a meal fit for a king, I'm purring like a kitten whilst I'm licking up your cream,
and no it's not a dream, we're wide awake and steamin out, I'll call you ice cream cone the way you melt and cream my mouth.

You then are quick to mention that I offered you a ride, your skills to clutch a stick are of an automotive style,
like Yukon trucks and Escalades, you're of the highest end, you hop up like a rabbit as my carrot slides right in.

The heat increases moisture so of course you're dripping wet, you steer your hips with vigor til your forehead's dripping sweat,
about my neck and facial features straight into my eyes, I'm blind as I arrive releasing frion up inside.

A Gatorade will work for me as water works for you, we've both decreased our weight a pound or maybe even 2,
to hear the sudden woosh of central air is peachy sweet, we turn it off to get it on cause nothing beats the heat.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This effort came to me on an extremely scorching day last summer, basically to say that even without any AC, it STILL wouldn't stop a sex scenario.

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