long distance love

For Alisso 7-9-11


Words flow in

but stumble out

I whisper things

I’d rather shout

My heart thinks

before my head

Fingers cling

to words unsaid

Time stands still

while blurring past

Please tell me things

I haven’t asked

Too far to touch,

too close to speak

I’m bravest when


you make me weak

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for my now-fiancee, when we'd just freshly confessed our feelings for each other. 

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Untitled Love Poem

Our photos are dreams and poems – images of love

Focusing through soft light we are Mylar moments

Hoping for dawn – we dance in the stars after dusk


Tango – in the midnight ballroom of our procession

Planting our toes in stars – growing dreams in binary

Stripped bare – we are planetary – bodies in tandem


Heavenly silhouettes flowing forth from pages to be

Where wild winds whisper their sycamore secrets

And the western mountain trails are long and free


For what language is written that defines a horizon?

What delicate wings will take us there – what words?

Shall we grow guide feathers – or become zephyrean?


Sailing in and out of frames – through cameo pictures  

Across oceans – wanderlusting for the silver line of the sky

upon paintings of things to be – memories of our future


Traversing the Villanelles of night into Terza Rima days

Our eyes aperture to photograph the effigy of our hearts

These memories become the scrapbook – of love’s ways


Of dreams and poems – of moments

That we hold and hold tight

Until tomorrow is here again


Author's Notes/Comments: 

except the last stanza, this poem is a Terza Rima about love - a very traditional content. 



I tried not to think about the moment


The moment that I’ll see you leaving


Leaving me, but we have love that is present


Hope our heart won’t change its beating.




Beating with rhythm


Of some sweet melody


It’s singing your name


So full of energy




It keeps me wonder if only


If only, you could bring my heart with you


And give it back to me when you return, baby


Our disconnected love we will continue.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written here in Taiwan...when I left my country and someone special to follow my dreams...

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From a Far


From a far I saw you
Laughing away your frustrations
Kissing away your tears,
Soft words whispered upon your heart
Words that only lovers say
Words that I wished I’d said.
From afar I held you
Touching your dreams
Between my fingers equally lay
Wishing it was me
Wishing you saw me.
I look to the skies
And they told me you where hers
They said my visions where dreams
Yet no one will love you like I do.
From afar I saw you
Far, far away,
I kissed you, and looked towards the moon
For those three words
That lovers say
Don’t doubt my love for you
Don’t think it is not true
From far away I saw you
And loved you.
From a star I captured your name
Engraved it to my heart,
My soul will be yours.
No one can love you like I do,
No one can touch you like I do,
I’m broken, I know
I’m in shambles,
in distress in a pool of shame
But I love you,
From afar I saw you
From a star I captured your name,
I never had you, but
I love you.

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Distance (Everything Will Be Ok)

It sucks.
When you want to,
Be with someone.

Not just,

Extra Special.

Until one of you,
Moves house,
You'll have to keep dreaming,

It's all you can do.
For now.

But one day,
You'll be together.
As in,
'Together' together.

And everything will be OK,
Won't it?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mini-poem written to accompany my earlier poem "Together"

Dedicated to Paul K Simpson ♥

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