love poems

What Is Love?


What is love?
I'm not sure,
but it's something that
I'd like to know.

What is love?
Is it real?
Is it for everyone?
Does everyone get love?

What is love?
It it the way you feel
about the members
of your family?

What is love?
Is it how you feel
about the people
who are your friends?

What is love?
I want to know,
I want to have it,
I want to experience it.

What is love?
How does it feel?
Does it feel
really heavenly?

What is love?
I would like to know.
Hopefully, I'll find out soon
and be able to answer this.

I Don't Know Much About Love


I don't know much about love.
Probably because no one has ever
told me that they love me.
It's probably also because
I've never actually been in love.

I don't know the difference
between a crush and being in love.
I don't know how to tell the two
apart from the other one!
What is the difference?

Maybe a crush is when
you like someone from a distance,
that you don't know important things
about the person that you have
taken a liking to.

People talk about
how they feel when they
are with the one they say they love.
They talk about how they feel
so alone, waiting until they're near again,
when they are away from who they love.

I don't know much about love,
all I know is just tidbits of
things I've heard, read, or been told
about others' experiences with
their being in love.

But is being in love
just a fantasy thing?
Just a way that people feel
but is just a safety thing?
I'd like to know.

I don't know much about love,
but I would really like to.
Not from just hearing about it,
but from being able to
actually experience it.

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Zero Girl


Her name is Zero girl,
She is amazing,
She's MY Zero girl.

She's got the power,
to make me feel
like I'm the only one she loves.

She has the power,
to make me feel,
all these tinglies inside of me!

She's got the power!
Oh yea,
She's got the power!

This girl is the best,
she has the power,
to make me happy!

Zero girl,
she's the bomb,
my bomb!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is written about a girl i know online who, even though she isn't datin me any more, I will keep the poem up incase she ever reads it.

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My Heart

My thoughts

I met her online
and she made me feel fine.
She's funny and hot,
she makes me feel caught.

I want to be with her,
I wish this would occur.
I would grab her,
and emit a purr.

And even though we're far away,
every word she says makes me sway.
I wish I could get into her bed,
I'd lay on top of her like a piece of bread.

We should really get together,
We could lay together in bad weather.
She is in my dreams,
making me emit screams.

I want her next to me,
this is my daily plea.
Someday I'll make her mine
and then I'll never again whine.

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Dota Love

~* Love Poems *~

life is like a game that most people play
in our time that’s what most teens do everyday
let me tell you how love and Dota can be related
read each line that this poem has stated

every time I hold your hand fills me with gladness
my heart beats so fast like the mask of madness
having you would mean winning the battle
I'll take you places with my boots of travel

I'll show you the best love coz that's your worth
I’ll hold you so tight like treant's overgrowth
I'm willing to wait and I ain't gonna rush ya
step by step we will be as one like sange and yasha

I promise not to give you pain and sorrow
if someone makes you cry I'll give'em an Elune's arrow
I'll never get tired even if I’ll walk a thousand mile
my energy will be tripled like the manta style

please don’t leave my side coz it going to give me heartache
i'll lose part of my life like huskar's life break
the first time I saw you it was my breath you took
you'll pulled me closer like pudge's meat hook

you're my strength coz you hold the broadsword
if we fight I'll keep silent coz you have the last word
lets not argue and waste time coz time is of the essence
please talk to me and don’t give me global silence

problems will come and we can never tell
if there are negative elements lets immediately repel
lets not be weak, you know we're not that type
lets increase our resistance with Khagdar's pipe

I hope someday I could call you mine
if that day comes, I’m like a hero with Divine
every single minute this feeling seems to be growing
coz like a winning team in dota... my love for you is Owning

Author's Notes/Comments: 

reader's may truly appreciate this poem if they play warcraft 3 Defense If The Ancients (DOTA) or atleast have an idea about the game.

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The Best Gift

~* Love Poems *~

Many times in my life,
I wished for a gift
a gift that would make
my heart get a lift
asked God
for that moment to come
but nothing came
and I started to feel boredom
friends come and go
but it’s you that I want to stay
every time we’re together
brightens up my day
as time passes by,
God brought me to you
never had this feeling,
I’ve felt something so true
crazy as it may seem
I think I’m in love
and it’s a wonderful feeling,
this must be sent from above
every time I see you
it puts a smile on my face
your smile alone
is already saying grace
right next to you
is where I always want to be
anything, anywhere, anytime
is nothing if you’re not with me
time will come
I’ll prove how much I love you
and this time I’m not gonna let you go,
wanna grow white hairs with you
risking my life,
I would do coz you’re my everything
open up your heart
and you can hear my heart sing
God, thank you for giving me the best gift,
and putting her by my side
its only YOU!
that someday I want to be my bride.

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Even If

~* Love Poems *~

My love for you will never end
even if the skyscrapers start to bend
even if the sun does not shine
even if my words don’t rhyme

even if the flowers will not bloom
even if i’m not gonna be your groom
even if the sea becomes green
even if angels get mean

even if the rainbow will loose its color
even if forever i’ll be a bachelor
even if the birds don’t fly
even if the clown starts to cry

even if i fall down a creek
even if the boat i’m riding will sink
even if the plane i’m on will crash
even if on a stone my head will smash

even if the strong winds blow me
even if lightning strikes me
even if you cut my head
even if you’d wish that i’ll be dead

even if dee-dee ruins the lab of dexter
even if tweety were caught by silvester
even if bugs is not a bunny
even if jokes will not be funny

even if you’ll put poison on my coffee
even if you’ll use samurai you cut my belly
even if you’ll hire an assasin to shoot me from a far
even if you’ll disconnect the breaks on my car

even if i’ll wait for you from sunshine to sunset
even if you’ll put snakes on my closet
even if i have to dance like a chicken
even if several times you made my heart broken

even if everyone is against what i feel for you
even if you think what i feel ain’t true
even if to me you are so cold
even if my story would be untold

even if our conversations were disconnected
even if my calls are usually rejected
even if my text messages were not replied
even if my invitations were declined

even if you think this sounds just like a joke
even if your dad will give me a choke
even if you think my words are not true
even if you’ll kill me, my heart would still say
I love you.

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Sa Pagputi ng Buhok

papangitiin kita pag ikay malungkot
magiging matapang kapag ikay natakot
papaunahin ka ma2log kahit dapuan pa ng antok
sana kasama parin kita sa pagputi ng ating buhok

sa mga kaibigan ikay ipapakilala
ipaparamdam na parte ka ng pamilya
handa kong harapin ano man ang dumating na dagok
basta kasama parin kita sa pagputi ng ating buhok

magsisilbing saklay pag napilay
sa dilim magsisilbing gabay
hindi kita papadapuan ng lamok
sana kasama parin kita sa pagputi ng ating buhok

sa buhay ko ngayon ikaw nlng ang gusto makamit
at kahit na kailan hinding hindi ipagpapalit
tatawirin kahit ilang dagat, kahit ilang bundok
kung kasama parin kita sa pagputi ng ating buhok

sa lahat ng bagay mauuna ang iyong opinyon
palaging sa iyo ang huling desisyon
diyan sa puso mo, diyan ko gusto pumasok
para makasama parin kita sa pagputi ng ating buhok

mula ngayon ikaw ang prayoridad
dahil sayo, sa bisyo hindi na nagbababad
pag may nanakit sayo baka ako'y mag amok
dahil ikaw gusto ko makasama sa pagputi ng ating buhok

ikaw ang iniisip sa bawat segundo
kung sa pagkain pwede kahit anung oras, parang menudo
ay, naalala ko paboroti mo nga pala manok
lagi tayo kakain nyan hanggang sa pagputi ng ating buhok

hanggang pagtanda gusto kitang alagaan
kahit kailan ikay hindi pag bubuhatan
di kita saksaktan kahit maligo pa ko ng suntok
wag mo lng sabunutan kasi gusto ko sabay taung pumuti ang buhok

mamasyal kahit saan basta ikaw ang kasama
ako ang kakarga sayo pag ikay nirayuma
iinom ng maraming gatas para buto'y hindi rumupok
kasi dapat masigla parin tayo pag puti ng ating buhok

isa lang ang lagi kong pinag dadasal
na balang araw tayo's makasal
ipapangako sa Diyos di ka iiwan ano man ang pagsubok
dahil ikaw ang makakasama ko sa pagputi ng ating buhok

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shall i wait?

~* Love Poems *~

shall i wait for the day
that you'll love me in return
or should i walk away
so that my love for you would burn
its so hard to turn my back
from what i really feel
please tell me how to fight
a love that is so real

no matter how tired i am,
you can always make me smile
i would love to walk you home,
even if it's more than a mile
i'm gonna shelter you
even from the strongest rain
i'm gonna take away
even the unbearable pain

it really feels good
this is more than i expected
but it'll change the mood
if my love will be rejected
but rejection doesn't mean
that i will give up the fight
it means i just need to wait longer
wait when the time is right

i'll always treasure you
don't ever forget about it
you're not beautiful
coz you are always beyond it
you're the only person
that never fails to take away my stress
shall i wait for you?
of course the answer will always be YES!

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