Big Pharma

America's in a real crisis which needs immediate attention even more than Isis. Big Pharma's off the chain with their perception pain killers thought to be life thrillers but turned into life spillers then, just plain killers.


People this is insane and we all need to complain because this has become far bigger than crack cocaine. Nation wide pain and suffering is what they have inflicted they need to be tried and convicted cause it seems they're trying to get the whole country addicted.


Opioid's are a powerful hook and their intentions can easily be overlooked, by the time you realize it your goose is well cooked. They had the doctor's thinking they would do no harm so there was no cause for alarm. Sense they thought everything was dandy, they started to write prescriptions like it was candy.


It was the miracle drug which turned out to be humbug because it was blanketed by distortion until it has reached epidemic proportion. America they are hooking the young and old, selling pills by the truck loads, exactly what is their goal, turning the whole U.S. into their ho's they really need to be exposed.


Because they are constantly pushing their pills and they're not skimping maybe they need to be called Big Pimping. And will Congress address this dig mess Yes. Make no mistake this is for all your sakes, we'll give 'em a bigger tax break.


While assuring us they have advanced in tearing down Obama's nation wide health insurance and the new will be greatly enhanced. But many think we must beware because they are about to throw the whole country into despair when they cut millions of people completely out of health care. WOW, what a scare.


So America it's time to come out of our trance and take a stance say hey Big Pimping let's dance. Lets get off our duffs tell Congress we've had enough and do what it say on our money. In GOD We Trust.Shout it loud, shout it clear, from the streets, the roof tops and even the Church steeple's, shout it so they all can hear WE THE PEOPLE.

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This need to be stopped.

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We Da Peeps

I just e-mailed my Federal Senators and asked them to investigate tying arrangements between pharmaceuticals and health care professionals who over prescribe opiates/opiods. I asked for legislation and an investigation. I asked them not to respond and not to add me to their mailing lists. Let's see how I can save a tree and decrease carbon signature that way :D




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Anti Depressants are also

Anti Depressants are also big with Big Pharma. AKA "Make me want to kill myself pills".