Life is too rare to be wasted on the nothing.
Why wait, tell me, why not start your adventure now.
Don't wait until tomorrow, for tomorrow is yet to come.
And you don't know what each day will bring.

[Look, and see, the rising sun and the setting dawn.
Look to the rich Fall colors - they only last a season.
Never take for granted the friends around you,
for they are the gift from God.]

Don't wait until tomorrow, for tomorrow is yet to come.
You don't know what tomorrow will bring,
and today is in your hands, so listen here.
Don't wait until tomorrow, for today is a gift.

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Oh Lord


Oh precious Lord
Your love sustains us
Your ways give us peace
We long for your touch
We love you so much.

Even when I don't see
When I'm asleep you dance over me
When I'm asleep you sing over me

How I yearn to be where you are
Oh Lord touch us today
Give us strength to keep going and keep giving

Keep us under your wings
When I fly I will fly home to you
Your my one true love
To you I give my all

Keep loving us
For your love sustains us

Written By Betty Bolden
Jesus is my joy Ministries

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