My Boy and I Go Everywhere Together

Creative Writing

I want a puppy.


I want it to be fluffy and dark,


I want it to nibble on my fingers, I want it to cry


every time I leave it by itself.


I want it to lick my face and my hands.


When I carry it around town,


I want all the ladies to coo, tut and awe for me


and my little buddy. I want to buy


him new chew toys and milk bones


so he can learn new tricks.


I want a puppy that’ll grow big and strong


so I can wrestle with him.


I want my old neighbor, George, to notice


my pup, along with Marty and


chubby little Peter from across the street.


I’d invite party buses full of famous folk,


like Ben Affleck or Betty White,


then the whole world will know about


my new puppy with the pointy ears


and the soft coat. If someone offered me money


for the cutie, I’ll laugh it off and tell him:


“My puppy, not yours. No sale!”


When he grows to be a big, old dog,


we’ll be the best friends anyone has ever seen.


No one will be able to take him from my side,


not even my old lady.


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the Peanut song


Short and stubby,
walks a little funny.
Little paws with fur
Little heart shaped nose.
Ta di da, ta di da,
it's the Peanut song.
Ta di da, ta di da
It's the Peanut song.

Shy little guy
with the heart of gold
Funny little pup
with his tail white as snow.
Found on Surrey Street,
alone and cold
Ta di da, ta di da,
sing the Peanut Song.
Ta di da, ta di da,
It's the Peanut song.

Furry little ears
Fall green eyes
His my puppy from Surrey Street
my puppy from the Angels above
shy little guy, so I sing to him
Ta di da, ta di da
His little song
Ta di da, ta di da
It's the Peanut song.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I found a puppy two years ago on a street Named Surrey, took him a while to trust me, but I invented a little jinggle and to this day, when he is scared, when he shys under the bed or in a corner I sing this poem/song, and he looks at me to say "thanks for making me feel a little better and safer".

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