Lady Fickle is Bridget Jones’s Bible

Lady Fickle


It is dedicated to all the girls who do not always manage to live up to their expectations. They are a little overweight, off-color among their girlfriends, insecure and shabby. When they were little girls, they couldn’t wait for the time, when they would be able to do all they want, wear high heels and realize their dreams. They have always dreamt to be elegant, iconic ladies. But some things got in the way. Money got in the way, they always do, sooner or later. Dreams gave way to the routine. Frankly, some of us deeply suffer because their life is richer on the inside. They know they deserve some things like a lovely soul mate, dream job and may be to write a bestseller. Everything is ahead of them; they just don’t know where to start. So, they never do…Instead of becoming an icon they live like tiny little frogs, who admire the women-icons from their bog.


How to turn a frog into a princess?

Know that the princess lives within you; she just deserves to be taken care of and respected. And sometimes you have to set spurs of dreams to the unicorn she is riding. Feed her

DIY artistic objects
soft erotica
autobiographies of successful people
interviews with colorful personalities
inspiring literary excerpts
basically self-development in every aspect.


Note how her personality changes with practice. Note how she will gather enthusiasm and inspiration. See her become more and more expressive and adorable. What this website is meant to be is the tool, may be the environment in which every woman becomes someone who makes her inner child happy. Her own feelings, sweetness and grace. Her smiles, kisses and sighs.

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eye of the beholder


thats my kind of girl ;)  sensable yet imaginative slightly socially inept makes for a great person to be around but I digress, interesting piece to post.

this is not the end, this is not the begining of the end, this is merely the end of the begining.