“Memories of Our Mo-Mo” (In Honor of Morgan Alexander Massey: January 6, 2006 - October 27, 2007

More love exists for and because of you, little boy, than even seems possible in so short a span of time.

Our hearts and minds are filled with the music of your laugh, the sound of your voice and the way your bright blue eyes with mischief, humor and temper would so often flash and shine.

Running and laughing and playing and dancing even though you were so sick,

Giving us all a reason to smile—a moment of joy—when the clouds of life were hanging heavy, dark and thick.

And you taught us new meaning of fight and faith and of trust in Jehovah; and though it’s true that—because we miss you—the tears down our faces now stream,

Now that you’re resting and in no pain, we grieve—but not as the rest do—because we’ll see you soon in the Promised New World that we know is no mere dream.

Love,  “Aunt Kyla” (October 27-28, 2007)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my best friend's baby boy who died back in 2007. It's an acrostic; it spells out his name M.O.R.G.A.N., but the formatting is lost here. Anyway, he wasn't even quite 2 years old. Leukemia took him away from us. I still miss you everyday, Mo-Mo. Can't wait to see you again, Morgan.

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a good writer you are.. and this piece is one of your sweet piecs.. like its rich theme and specially the way did pefectly... and visualize effect is there.. hope you like poems too...if go through...