Consider It Noted

I guess I never really got it through my head.

Everything that you ever said.

But now your words are crashing down upon me as heavy as lead.

It is a new life you are meant to tread.

Without me here he said.

Then he turned and away he sped.

It was the pain in my eyes that you read.

You could have stayed stopping the spread.

But you left me here instead.

Now all I see is red.

As I lay here on my deathbed.

Remembering everything you ever said.

-Exkai Jade Satiro-Synonym of Depression™

Author's Notes/Comments: 

um.. not much to say.. i was just sorta thinking about on things he said.. it all just popped into my head. haha there i go again.. anyhoo. the death bed thing isn't real. i just wanted to make it darker.. and it had to ryhme haha. lol. kinda pathetic now that i look back.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

hmm a pretty sweet and heart knocking poem is this one..the new and very rich and really very good poetic way done one is.. love it..well done..dear friend.. you are doing good poems.. love the way you do..hope your sweet words/comments and poems will never stop...quenching the thirst of souls of readers and of course mine too...