The Beast Within


I have lived a thousand lives and I have died a thousand deaths
Yet the calling carries me on.....

The path lies ahead of me yet I hesitate, daring to take the first step
For where will I go? who have I been?

A numbing veil of darkness slowly settles across the boundaries of my soul
Leaving me to yearn for that which is past...

I follow that worn and trodden path of my serenities - searching and calling
To that which beckons me onward...

I find myself standing before a malignant door, my fear escapes before me
I cannot go back, yet I cannot continue...

No one can see the beast that I have got - I cannot set it free
For then, what would become of me?

Times change, as do I, like seasons on the ethereal planes
Yet consistency still resides within me

Why is there fear?
Why is there sorrow?

No one can save me from the beast that I have got for
It lies hidden beyond the walls of subtlety...

I search in the mists, ever striding, yet never finding
Ever beginning yet never ending.....

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'Ticked' Off!

Family & Memories

Such a tiny little insect,

almost invisible to the eye,

and one got away,

'hit and run'

never even seen by me,

never even knew

it was doing its damage

upon my child.

Ten years old

and they tell us yesterday,

'Its Lyme Disease. No doubt.

The 'bullseye' doesn't lie'.

Which I already suspected,

yet still the words hurt

a mother's heart and soul.

She's scared,

she's upset

and so is mommy...

but she can't know or see that.

I must hide my fears for her,

from her.

The fears of her knowing the pains

I similarly suffer from MY diseases.

My fear has come true once more

in the eyes of one of my children.

And now,

the powerful med has been started,

but will it work?

And what of these new

'bullseye rashes'

appearing since this morn?

They now number at 19.

How can I keep count?

Does it mean this will be

worse for her?

She's scared and worried

and full of fear right now.

I comfort her with my arms

and soft words,

and reassurances from her doctor,

that 'it happens like that in some'

while inside, I shake

with the same fear

that resides in her.

Damn little bug!

Damn little tick!

How dare you invade

the young body of my little girl!?

How dare you inflict her

with your posion!?

How dare you!!!???


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