My only escape...

When I'm sinking into seclusion

And my mind is spinning with confusion

Do I hide away in the darkness of the night

Or come running towards the beaming light?

When the demons are playing tug-o-war

With my mind and soul

Until the destruction rips through

To the core

Shall I creep into a tiny hole,

And let myself grow hard and cold?

Frightened of the aggression and depression

That has suppressed me

From the source of Life

It grips its teeth onto my mind

Watering my thoughts

Sprouting into inevitable strife

I need to escape from this habitual rape

That leaves me feeling desolate

Torn and depleted

My soul calls out for help to the One who is seated

High on the throne in the boundless sky

My Lord and Savior hears my cry

Quickly He comes to my rescue

Hidden from view though I sense His strength

Enveloping me, protecting me

His perfect love casts out all my fears

His peace dries all my falling tears

And I continue on down this narrow street

Despite the jagged rocks that pierce my feet

And the enemies that wait to curse my fate

Though the way is dark and I stumble

I see the Light at the end of the tunnel

And I will press on, I will not give up

Because I am not alone...

No I'm not alone,

Christ leads me to the throne.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The only escape is Jesus! Only He can pull you out of the deepest pit of depression.

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TRIPLE WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. this poem is great. Wow, I like this poem. It is really good. hmmm. u r good good poet.
Have a nice and beautiful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~My Best Wishes~