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Quiet guy who learns, loves, laughs, lives. Best described by one of my favorite poems. Enjoy spending time with family, friends. I'm the kind of person who doesn't 'get out' much. This comes from being an INTP personality type, and being really passionate. The passion causes me to stress a lot of self discipline which then lends to anxiety, and depression to a degree. Never really grasped the whole concept of being a social creature. I can and will socialize but please allow for recharging.

About My Navel

It oft grumbles, is a inward button. My belly button keeps my butt on. ;)

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"Everyone always says, 'some days you're the bug, others the windshield', what if I wanted to be the wind?" -- me

Gentle streams crumble mountains into the seas. -- Old Zen Koan


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