O caged bird!

Why feel sad?

Have faith

Lose not hope

O caged bird!

Why feel sad?

Look around you

How the wind soars

Bringing tidings

Of the love beyond shores.

O caged bird!

Lose not hope

Abandon not struggle

And with faith

Take the cage too

And fly away

To your beloved

Who waits for you.

If not so then

Burn everything

Even the cage

And like the phoenix

Fly away where

Your love waits for you...

Listen to me

O caged bird

Be not afraid

Give up not hope

And with full faith

Dare and fly away

Higher and higher

Till you reach him

Who loves you...

Fly away

Yes, fly away

O caged bird

Hearken to what

I to thee say...

No use being sad

Or pining dolefully

Muster courage

And do what you must

Fly away...

Yes, fly away

Where your beloved

Waits just for you...

Shake the fears, vanquish the sigh,

Fly beyond the shores O bird,

Why do you feel so sad?

Come on, rise

And burn down the cage,

Like the phoenix,

Inflame your rage,

Find your new self

in your own ash

And rediscover

love's lost stage...

O caged bird!

Why feel sad:

Why feel bad?

O caged bird! away...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on August 8, 2002, in response to 'Caged' by 'Red Stormy'

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