Hallow's Eve

Goblins, ghost, tiny creapy bats,

Porches lines with horrid black cats,

While the leaves have fell

The trick or treaters face their own childhood hell,

Candy & Chocolate Treats,

the children will never know who they will meet...

Angels, Pumpkins, and Fairies,

To these young children, everything will be scarey,

On Hallow's Eve,

All evil is seen

Orange and Black

Some of these childrens evil will never come back...

These childrens terror strikes their mind,

These thoughtful strangers are not kind,

They have envoked these spirits

That may cause them to kill,

With all these lively children they will never get their feel,

Their so glad to see you now

apon their grave and dancing with death apon your face,

This death is apon you,

Your own

Fall into these hole

Orange and Black...

Some of these children's evil,

Will never come back

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