The Bones and the Cards




The bones landed on the cards. The Fool.

The Sun.

The Chariot to bring them around

in front of me

so my heartbeat would even out

and my hands would stop rivaling

the dry leaves clinging to the sleepy oaks

at the edge of my yard.

They stand against the November wind

sweeping in to usher out October.


          Here’s the thing about fortunes:

their fraying corners are soft against your fingers.  

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The Card Game

It's such a stupid thing to feel so ashamed about,
To top it off, I then sit for days and pout,
On top of the initial event, I then feel ridiculous,
I can't help if I'm just not that meticulous.

I try my best to be exact,
Now, I'm not perfect, and that's a fact,
But when it happens, I overreact,
I could just scream at the things I lack.

I wish to heaven there was a cure,
I pretend it doesn't matter, but I rush for the door,
And even still, I manage to go for more,
But for awhile, I keep away from the store.

The dreaded moment when it happens so quick,
It feels so shocking, like you were hit with a brick,
Sometimes I forget where my name was signed,
And this nightmare begins when my card is DECLINED.



Copyright 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About the plastic pennies.

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The Threat

Unknowingly she carries a threat,

She is who she is,

And your ace is her card,

Saturated and wet.

Disquietude  within,

What does she own?

Out of  her mind,

Out of your zone,

Disillusioned by fear,

Her dress is duress,

And the hair on her head,

Never ever a mess.

A comb on the vanity,

And her vanity,

Her home,

Threatening insanity,

As her sanity will roam.

Feed her, you'll wither,

Starve her she'll die,

Suckle her ego,

You'll find out she's shy.

Conceal from her your passion,

Your  envy will rage,

Bear your grace to her mirror

Cause the show's on your  stage.



 © 2013

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Seven Duce

Time for change

Ace jack is the hand
I get beat up and  I can't
Make good decisions...
Flop comes Jack, three, eight
I decide to slow play so I check and wait...
He bets out... I have to call
Turn comes a Ace and I feel strong
So I check to string him along...and his bet gets
Bigger... I call 
To see the river...
Turning over a seven
Now I have to bet
As he goes over the top...
I can't just stop
So I raise to see him bet
His whole stack...
I hate ace jack...cause now I know
He flopped a set
I can't believe I raised his original bet
Now I'm forced to lay down
And regret
Playing this hand has made me sweat
After folding face up I wish I could forget
But it's stuck with me deep
Inside my head
I hate Ace Jack
I wish I played Seven Duce instead...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't forget bad beats and always remember great lay downs :)

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